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Sustainable Destruction Services

Earth Waste Management is a provider of secure documents destruction services in Alberta. We offer a wide range of documents destruction services including on-site , off-site, purge and walk-in destruction services for small businesses and corporations. 

Our documents destruction services include confidential paper shredding, hard drive destruction, pharmaceutical products destruction, electronic waste  destruction and pharmaceutical waste management.

At Earth Waste Management we help clients safely and confidentially destroy and dispose of sensitive information that is not meant to be viewed by employees or the public. Our facility is secured and monitored by security cameras for 24/7. So your information is safe with us.

Our documents destruction service is cost-effective and flexible. No binding contract is needed to hire our destruction service.

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Document Destruction Bags

Document destruction bags are good options for small or infrequent quantities. Document destruction bags can be stored anywhere in your office and they don't take much space. 

Document destruction bags holds between 10 to 40 gallons of documents. Using these bags will save you money and space. They can easily be collected or dropped by you in our offices.

Document Destruction Bins

Document destruction bins work better for ongoing scheduled collections . These bins are recommended when you have large quantities of sensitive documents to be destroyed or when secure bins are required on site by clients. Call our experts to discuss which option is more convenient and cost-effective for your business. We can supply one or more document destruction bins . You can choose the bin size that suites your needs and office space constraints 

We guarantee  confidential destruction of your documents

Reliable document destruction    Sustainable documents destruction

We will supply document destruction bins and bags that suite your needs

The documents destruction process 

Earth Waste Management secure documents destruction process is outlined below.

Step 1

document destruction services

Place your sensitive information into a secure paper console. We can supply the size that suites your business needs.

Step 2

secure document destruction services

Our documents destruction team will collect the waste and issue you a transfer note. This will help you monitor the destruction process

Step 3

documents destruction services

The transferred waste is then taken to our secure facility for destruction. Our documents destruction facility is monitored by security cameras 24/7. 

Step 4

document destruction services

Within 24 hours , all your documents will be destroyed to a level that nothing can be read or copied.

Step 5

Our documents destruction managers ensure that your documents are safely destroyed and will issue you a certificate of destruction.

Step 6

document destruction services

The destroyed documents are then baled and disposed of in a paper recycling facility. 

Earth Waste Management is a data protection company specializes in the confidential shredding of paper documents.  We offer on-site and off-site shredding services for small offices and corporations .

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Earth Waste Management can help you remove and securely destroy your disused paper products; this include Archives, Bulk Paper and Cardboard. A service you can trust . 

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Earth Waste Management can destroy your hard drive and digital media with complete confidentiality. We provide a secure collection and transportation of your data.

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100% Secure Documents Destruction

Our documents destruction team will help you destroy your sensitive information permanently and dispose of the waste. Documents that we destroy include the following:

Financial Information 

Medical Information

Legal Information 

Budget and Forecasts reports

Stakeholders Information 

Companies methods and Procedures

Corporate Secrets 


pharmaceutical products


Hard Drives

Electronic Waste

Uniforms and Textiles

Technical reports

Contracts Documents

Suppliers and contractors records

Payroll information

Procurement documents

Communications records

Proposals and bid documents

Corporate cost data information

Why hire our document destruction services?

  • We offer a wide range of document destruction services including onsite destruction, off-site destruction, once off collections, and walk-in services.
  • We provide cost-effective document destruction solutions 
  • Our offices are secured and monitored by security Cameras 24/7
  • Our staff is trained, screened, and uniformed
  • No binding contract is needed to hire our document destruction services
  • A 24/7 customer support service is available 
  • Waste transfer note and certificate of destruction will be issued to you when documents are collected and destroyed. 
document destruction services
secure document destruction services
document destruction services
document destruction services

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