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environmental site clean up

Environmental Clean Up

Earth Waste Management is national young leader in environmental clean up and  site remediation and management. We offer professional environmental services in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. We provide solutions to all Industries .

To discuss the environmental specific needs of your project, contact our office by phone at (587) 707-4333 or by email at

We offer sustainable solutions in site assessment, clean up, decommissioning, and remediation.

Our environmental team will find the most cost-effective solution for your site

environmental site clean up

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Sustainable Environmental Clean Up

Environmental site clean up is very important for businesses and communities across Canada. In general, contaminated sites can pose threats to human health and the environment. Furthermore, contaminated sites could reduce the value of your property and affect the businesses around your site negatively. 

Earth Waste Management environmental team can help you solve contamination site problems on your property. Our professional team will screen your site where hazardous substance many have been released and conduct extensive investigation to determine the presence and source of contamination. 

Earth Waste Management has the expertise, capabilities and resources to help you clean and remediate your site. Our main goal is to help you drive the value of your site up and achieve sustainable business growth.

Soil Treatment 

  • Bioremediation treatment 

  • Bioventing treatment 

  • landfarming treatment 

  • landspreading 

  • Soil vapour extraction 

  • Soil washing 

  • Natural attenuation and monitoring 

  • Incineration treatment 

Groundwater Treatment 

  • Natural attenuation 

  • Air sparging 

  • Pump and treat 

  • De-watering 

  • soil improvement 

Contaminated Site

  • Initial site assessment 

  • Phase I environmental site assessment 

  • Phase II environmental site assessment 

  • Phase III environmental site assessment

  • Remediation plan development  

Healthcare clean up

  • Infection transmission risk assessment 

  • Antibiotic-resistant organisms cleaning

  • biohazardous clean up 

  • Management of contaminated wastes 

  • Cleaning and disinfecting 

  • Laundry & Bedding cleaning 

  • Construction clean up 

  • Environmental surfaces cleaning and disinfecting 

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