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Environmental Protection Services

Earth Waste Management offers a full range of environmental protection services for clients throughout Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.

Our team is excited to work with your organization. To speak with an expert to discuss the specific needs of your business please contact our office today by phone at +1 (587) 707-4333 or by e-mail at


  • Oil & Gas Sector 

  • Government organizations

  • Healthcare Sector 

  • Petrochemicals& Mining 

  • Engineering Firms 

  • Consulting firms 

  • Land development 

environmenal protection services Canada

24/7 Customers Support Service  587.707.4333

We offer Sustainable environmental services that promote continuous growth while reducing risks. Our goal is to help you find an economical solutions to protect your projects.

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Environmental Management Solutions
Environmental Services
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Envornmental Remediation
Waste Water Treatment
Environmental Site Assessment
Environmental Consulting Services
Environmental Clean Up
Environmental Spill Management
Environmental Site Characterization
Environmental Emergency Response
Environmental Parks Clean up
Environmental Hazards Management
Chemical Management
Environmental Safety

Sustainable Environmental Protection Services

Environmental Assessment

  • Environmental Impact Assessment 

  • Environmental Site Assessment 

  • Environmental Remediation 

  • Environmental Cleanup 

  • Certificate of Remediation 

Hazardous Waste 

  • Hazardous waste classification 

  • Hazardous waste disposal permit 

  • Hazardous waste collection 

  • Hazardous waste transportation 

  • Hazardous waste storage 

Waste Minimization 

  • General waste collection 

  • Designated material collection 

  • Organic waste recycling & conversion 

  • environmental waste compliance 

  • Waste minimization reporting 

  • Cost-saving analysis 

Environmental Control 

  • Water quality 

  • Aquifers Management 

  • Wetlands and Lakes 

  • Crossing Streams 

  • Invasive plants management 

  • Forest health assessment 

  • Seismic Lines monitoring 

  • Soil Conservation 

Health and Safety 

  • Occupational health & Safety 

  • Plant Safety 

  • Emergency Response 

  • First Aid 

  • Work equipment management 

  • personal protective equipment PPE 

  • Fire Safety Management 

  • Explosion Control 

  • Security Services 

Quality Assurance

  • Project Management 

  • Assessment 

  • Inspection 

  • Training 

  • Reporting 

environmental protection services
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