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Environmental Site Characterization

Earth Waste Management is a national corporation that provides sustainable environmental solutions including contaminated site characterization and environmental testing and analysis services. 
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We offer professional and cost-effective services to meet your site environmental needs

Environmental Soil Characterization
Environmental Groundwater Characterization
Environmental Soil Vapour Analysis
Surface Water Characterization
Environmental Sediment Characterization
Environmental Air Quality Testing
Environmental Biological Characterization
envirnmenta site characterization

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Earth Waste Management offers contaminated sites management services for property owners, land developers, real estate professionals, and public organization in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. Our service scope includes development of conceptual site model (CSM), collection and analysis of soil samples, groundwater analysis , soil vapor analysis, indoor air quality, surface water management, and sediment analysis 

Our environmental site characterization program includes :

  • Professional contaminated site management 

  • Investigation model for contaminated sites 

  • Soil characterization and profiling 

  • Quality assurance and Quality control ( QA & QC)

  • Groundwater characterization 

  • Soil vapour characterization 

  • Indoor air quality 

  • Surface water characterization 

  • Sediment Characterization 

  • Biological characterization 

Environmental soil Characterization 

  • Site model for soil characterization 

  • Soil sampling design 

  • Soil investigation and analysis  

  • Field testing and Laboratory services 

  • Environmental consulting services

Environmental Groundwater Characterization 

  • Representative samples from wells 

  • Non-Aqueous phase Liquids 

  • Site models for groundwater characterization 

  • Hydrogeologic information 

  • Groundwater monitoring 

  • Filed and laboratory analysis 

  • Data assessment and interpretation 

Earth Waste Management is a national leader in Site Characterization and environmental solutions . To speak with an expert, call us today at (587) 707-4333

Economical Environmental Solutions for your business

Soil Vapour

  • Site model for vapor characterization 

  • Soil vapour sampling 

  • Soil vapour probe installation 

  • soil vapour analysis 

  • Soil and groundwater analysis 

Surface water characterization

  • Site model for surface water characterization 

  • Sampling and analysis 

Sediment Characterization

  • Site model for Sediment characterization 

  • Sediment samples collection 

  • Sediment Analysis 

  • Quality assurance and Quality Control 

Indoor Air Quality Testing

  • Site model for Indoor air quality  

  • Development of indoor air quality 

  • Indoor air analysis 

  • Data interpretation & Analysis 

Biological Characterization

  • Site model for biological characterization 

  • Biota sampling and survey 

  • Data analysis for biological characterization 

environmental sit characterization

Environmental Field and Laboratory Testing 

The environmental team at Earth Waste Management is excited to work with your organization. To discuss your business needs call us at (587) 707-4333

  • Boreholes drilling 

  • Monitoring wells installation 

  • soil sampling and analysis 

  • Low-flow groundwater sampling 

  • Soil Gas sampling and analysis 

  • Soil Gas probe installation 

  • Soil Gas prob leak testing 

  • In-situ water quality collection 

  • Near-surface water discrete sampling

  • Surface and subsurface sediment collection 

  • Sediment core samples collection 

  • Plant sampling 

  • Terrestrial Invertebrate sampling 

  • Benthic Invertebrate collection 

  • Fish Sampling 


  • Government agencies 

  • Oil & Gas sector 

  • Land developer 

  • Real estate industry 

  • Property managers 

  • Engineering & consulting 

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