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environmental site remediation

Environmental Site Remediation 

Our main goal is to help you remove the source of contamination and decontaminating the soil and water in your property. Our environmental engineers can help you increase the value of your property and achieve our sustainability goals.

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Environmental Site Remediation
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Sustainable Environmental Site Remediation 

Earth Waste Management can help you remediate you contaminated sites, increase the value of your property and help you manage your wastes in a sustainable way so that no dangers and risks are posed to human health and the environment. We offer environmental site remediation services in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. 

Site Remediation Services

The sustainable environmental site remediation include: 

  • Identification of the source of contamination 

  • Design of Sustainable Site Remediation Plan 

  • Quantifying volume and extent of contamination on sites

  • Help Clients with site remediation permitting processes 

  • Determination of nature of contamination 

  • Conducting field and laboratory testing and analysis 

  • Professional contaminated site clean up 

  • Sustainable hazardous waste Management 

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Environmental Site Remediation Team

Earth Waste Management environmental site remediation team includes professional civil and environmental engineers, Architects, civil technologists, trade contractors, hazardous waste specialists, emergency response and safety officers, Security personnel, and filed supervisors.  Our project management team will work closely with your team to : 

  • Develop sustainable contaminated site project management plan 

  • Develop clean up plan for your contaminated site 

  • Identify materials need to be remediated 

  • Select site remediation method that is sustainable and economical 

  • Estimate the time and cost of the remediation service 

  • Help you stay compliant with federal and provincial regulatory requirements 

  • Develop construction plan 

  • Develop full range waste management plan for your site 

  • keep records , reports, and important documents regarding your contaminated site

  • Execute the site remediation plan 

  • Monitor and control the environmental emission 

  • recruit field supervisors, workers, and security personnel 

  • Obtain required permits and insurance  

When it comes to the health of your property, our team of professional environmental engineers, civil technologists, and technician has an extensive experience and resources needed to assist you decontaminte the soil and water in your property. Our environmental site remediation department will support you continuously from the stage of source of contamination identification to the site clean up and waste management.

Types of environmental remediation

  • Soil environmental remediation 

  • Sediment environmental remediation 

  • Groundwater environmental remediation 

  • Surface Water environmental remediation 

Remediation Technologies

Our professional engineers are here to help you!

Ex-situ remediation 

Ex-situ remediation 

  • Pump & Treat site remediation 

  • Soil vapor extraction site remediation 

  • Oxidation site remediation 

Site Remediation Certificate 

At ​Earth Waste Management we help clients obtain contaminated site remediation certificates 

  • Excavation remediation 

  • Solidification and stabilization site remediation 

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  • Soil environmental remediation 

  • Sediment environmental remediation 

  • Groundwater environmental remediation 

  • Surface Water environmental remediation 

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