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Sediment Management & Erosion Control 

Sediment Management and Erosion Control plays a very important role in protecting aquatic systems, People who consume seafood , and building infrastructures. At Earth Waste Management , we are here to help with any sediment and erosion issues. Contact our office today to discuss the specific needs of your project. 

Government Client

Oil & Gas/ Mining / Industrial

Building / Transportation 

Infrastructure / Water/ Waste

Earth Waste Management is a provider of professional Sediment Management and Erosion Control Services in Canada. We help clients reduce any damaging impacts on biological resources and any risks to human health from contaminated sediment on surfaces.


We offer a full range of engineering and vegetative sediment & erosion control services including the following: 

Engineering Control Services

  • Conduit Outlet Protection

  • Detention Structures 

  • Grade Stabilization 

  • Land Grading 

  • Channel Stabilization 

  • Dewatering

  • Diversions 

  • Dust Control 

  • Storm Sewer Inlet Protection 

  • Sediment Barrier

  • Lined Waterway

  • Subsurface Drainage 

Vegetative Control Services

  • Permanent Vegetative Cover 

  • Stabilization with Mulch 

  • Acid Soils Management 

  • Vegetation Maintenance 

  • Stabilization with Sod 

  • Temporary Vegetative Cover 

  • Tree Protection During Construction 

  • Tree,Shrubs, and Vines Management 

Contact Us

+1 (800) 280-1725

Mailing Address

Earth Waste Management Ltd.
P.O.Box 280
Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2H9
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