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We offer a full range of  hazardous waste management services 

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Hazardous Waste


hazardous waste disposal

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Hazardous waste management

hazardous waste disposal
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Hazardous waste generators are required by the law to manage, control, and dispose of their waste safely ,properly , and in accordance with provincial and federal regulations. The main goals of managing hazardous waste are:

  • Protecting human health and the environment from destructive materials and illnesses resulting from unsafe disposal of wastes

  • Conservation of energy and natural resources 

  • Promoting sustainable life for everyone 

Earth Waste Management offers full service hazardous waste management . We can help you package, transport, and dispose of your hazardous waste safely and responsibly.  

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Hazardous waste Characterization

We are comitted to helping your business

Earth Waste Management can help you dispose of your hazardous waste safely and properly. 

For our team to pick up your hazardous waste and transport it to final disposal, we require that you supply the following information: 

  • Type of hazardous waste 

  • How the waste is being collected ( Drums or Pails) 

  • Waste Composition or MSDS

  • Quantity of waste generated

If you don't know the nature of your waste , Our team can help you analyze and identify your waste.

The environmental protection agency EPA defines hazardous waste as follows: A waste may be considered hazardous if it exhibits certain hazardous properties ("characteristics") or if it is included on a specific list of wastes EPA has determined are hazardous. 

Characteristic hazardous waste is solid waste that exhibits at least one of the four(4) characteristics below: 

  1. Ignitability (D001)

  2. Corrosivity (D002) 

  3. Reactivity ( D003) 

  4. Toxicity ( D004 - D043)

Ignitability: Ignitable waste can create fires under certain conditions are spontaneously combustible, or have flash point less than 60 degree Celsius


Corrosivity: corrosive wastes are acids or bases (PH less than or equal 2, or greater than or equal to 12.5). And/or are capable of corroding metal container. 

Reactivity: Reactivity wastes are unstable under normal conditions. They can cause explosions or undergo violent reactions. 

Toxicity: Toxic wastes are harmful or fatal when ingested or absorbed.

hazardous waste disposal
hazardous waste characterization

Chemical Analysis & Profiling 

If you  are unable to identify your waste or need help with testing and analyzing your waste, Earth Waste Management can help.

Contact our office to speak with a hazardous waste expert 

Telephone: +1 (587) 707-4333

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As the hazardous waste generator you are required to properly identify and characterize, through waste testing or acceptable knowledge, all hazardous wastes that you generate.

Hazardous waste testing is performed to identify and verify the chemical and physical characteristics and composition of your waste. The goals of conducting hazardous waste analysis are: 

  • Determine whether your waste is hazardous waste under applicable Provincial and Federal regulations.

  • Classify your waste in accordance with regulations.

  • ensure your waste is managed properly and responsibly 

  • Ensure that your business practices, when generating hazardous waste,  are compliant with Provincial and Federal rules and regulation.

According to the hazardous waste regulations, if you intend to send your hazardous waste to treatment, storage, or disposal facility, you may be required to provide waste-related information to the disposal facility such as waste profile.

We are here to assist you with your hazardous waste needs

Chemical analysis and profiling

On-site lab technician service

Earth Waste Management offers Lab technician services for Clients who need help with the following: 

  • Hazardous waste analysis 

  • Waste identification and characterization 

  • Hazardous waste packing 

  • Emergency response 

  • Hazardous site inspection 

  • Consulting Services 

  • Other hazardous waste services 

If you need a technician, call our office today

Telephone: +1 (587) 707-4333

E-mail address:

hazardous waste removal
on-site lab technician

Certificate of destruction 

To avoid negative compliance issues and to keep good records of your hazardous waste activities, Earth Waste Management can issue certificate of destruction upon collecting, safely transporting, and disposing of your hazardous wastes. 

The certificate of destruction serves as a proof that you follows proper procedure to manage and dispose of your hazardous materials. 

Note: We charge a fee of $20 for issuance of certificate of destruction.

certificate of destruction

Hazardous waste storage 

We can supply various sizes approved hazardous waste containers to meet your storage needs

Our onsite project team can help you label and mark your hazardous waste containers with the proper labels

Earth Waste Management offers 24/7 customer support services to ensure your project success 

As the hazardous waste generator you are required to ensure that your solid and chemical waste is stored in an area which meets the requirements for storing hazardous waste materials. 

Our experienced and trained team can help you prepare your storage area in accordance with provincial and federal rules and regulations. We can help you meet the following requirements: 

  • post the proper hazardous waste sign at the storage area. We can also supply signs as required. 

  • We can assign a resident supervisor . Name and contact information of the resident supervisor will be posted at the storage site. This is to ensure that the storage area is controlled and if there are any questions, the supervisor is there to answer them.

  • To meet the hazardous waste storage requirements, our on-site team will help you prepare a designated area that is used only for the storage of hazardous waste. 

  • If you have ignitable hazardous waste ,flammable materials cabinet will be used.

  • Our onsite team will make sure that all your hazardous waste containers are approved and appropriately labeled.

If you have specific requirements for your hazardous waste storage or need to speak with an expert, call our office at +1 (587) 707-4333 or send us an e-mail at

hazardous waste storage
hazardous waste storage containers

If you need help with the selection of your hazardous waste containers, we are here to help

Contact our expert today by phone at +1 (587) 707-4333

Hazardous waste storage containers

At Earth Waste Management we can help you meet the requirements of your hazardous waste containers. Provincial and federal rules and regulations require that all hazardous materials must be stored in approved containers. Earth Waste Management can supply various sizes approved hazardous waste containers. See description below: 

  • Our hazardous waste containers are made of materials that are compatible with the wastes

  • Our onsite team will affix an approved hazardous waste label with the appropriate information to the containers

  • If your hazardous materials need to be stored in Drums, we can supply pallets to be used to separate the containers. our team will recommend stacking spacing that meet the applicable fire protection requirements. 

Labeling and Marking

To avoid accidents and workplace related Injuries, provincial and Federal regulations require that hazardous materials must be labeled and marked. An approved hazardous waste label must be affixed to each hazardous waste container prior to receiving or transferring waste.  

As part of quality assurance and quality control, Earth Waste Management hazardous waste team will ensure that each hazardous waste container is properly labeled before being picked up for transportation and final disposal. 

Typical hazardous waste labels display the following information:

  • Type of Hazardous waste 

  • Specific Name of Chemical 

  • % of the constituents 

  • Hazardous symbol

  • Hazardous waste number

labeling and marking

Reporting and Records Keeping 

As the hazardous waste generator, it is important that you manage and monitor the hazardous waste activities at your sites. This helps you prevent and correct compliance issues should they arise. It also help you document any hazardous waste related Injuries and accidents.  

Once you become our client, Earth Waste Management team will provide you with a monthly report summarizing the hazardous waste activities at your sites. This include labeling, storage, transportation and disposal activities.

Typical information to be included in your report: 

  • Types and quantities of the hazardous waste generated, including the hazardous waste number and class.

  • Types and number of full hazardous waste containers transported and disposed of. 

  • Date and time of pick and disposal 

  • Description of the disposal procedure 

  • Description of the toxicity reduction effort 

  • General disposal facility information 

  • Name of the personnel involving in the storage transportation, and disposal process

  • Certificate of destruction documentation 

hazardous waste disposal
reporting and records keeping

To assist you dispose of your hazardous waste properly, Earth Waste management can supply approved hazardous waste containers to meed your storage needs. 

To discuss the specific needs of your hazardous waste transportation and disposal, contact our office today .

Telephone No: +1 (587) 707-4333

E-mail :

Transportation of hazardous waste

Earth Waste Management hazardous waste' transportation program is a safe, compliant, and cost-effective solution designed to help hazardous waste generators dispose of their waste properly. 

Our hazardous waste transportation team will work closely with your team to plan, schedule, transport and dispose of your waste successfully. At Earth Waste Management we have adopted the DOT pre-transport regulations which are designed to provide safe transportation of hazardous waste from cradle to grave. 


Our hazardous waste disposal program follows the following guidelines:  

  1. Your hazardous waste containers will be labeled in accordance with the DOT hazardous materials labeling requirements

  2. Approved hazardous waste containers will be used and marked with the following information:

    • Proper name of the chemical ​

    • percent of constituents 

    • hazardous waste codes

    • Client tracking ID number

hazardous waste transportation

Hazardous waste manifest

The Provincial and Federal hazardous waste regulations require that when hazardous waste is shipped off-site for final disposal, it must be accompanied by a properly completed hazardous waste manifest. And the manifest must be accompanied by an emergency response information for each waste. 

As the transporter of your hazardous waste materials, Earth Waste Management fills out the forms and sign the manifest indicating that it has accepted the waste and agrees to deliver it to the disposal facility. 

Our hazardous waste onsite team will also have the disposal facility sign their manifest and bring the signed copy to your office. 

Earth Waste Management services major industries throughout Canada.

We offer flexible solutions that meet your hazardous waste disposal needs.

hazardous waste manifest

Our hazardous waste disposal program is :​

  • Responsible 

  • Safe 

  • Complaint 

  • Cost-effective 

  • Flexible 

To speak with our experts contact us today 

Tel: +1 (587) 707-4333



Transporting hazardous waste materials can impose extreme danger to the public;therefore, a proper transportation procedure must be implemented prior to any off-site shipping.

As the hazardous waste generator, you are required to provide us with the proper placards when required to comply with shipping and labeling requirements. 

In general, if more than 1,000 pounds of flammable or combustible materials need to be transported, the generator must provide placards for flammable and combustible materials. 

Earth Waste Management can help you select the right placarding system for your hazardous waste transportation.

Typical hazardous waste labels display the following information:

  • Type of Hazardous waste 

  • Specific Name of Chemical 

  • % of the constituents 

  • Hazardous symbol

  • Hazardous waste number


Why choose Earth Waste Management

Earth Waste Management is a national company specializing in hazardous waste collection and disposal. Our main goals if to help you characterize, pack, transport, and dispose of your hazardous waste in a responsible manner. The benefits of using our service are: 


  • Earth Waste Management has the capacity and resources necessary to help you manage your hazardous waste and stay compliant with provincial and federal regulations 

  • Excellent technical and managerial skills in the areas of environmental hazardous waste management.

  • Strong knowledge of the hazardous waste industry and regulations in Canada.

  • We are fully insured 

  • We offer flexible options for all industries  

  • Well trained on-site team and subcontractors 

  • We offer integrated waste management solutions that help you save time and money. 

  • We ensure your business stay compliant with Provincial and Federal regulations. 

Earth Waste Management services major industries throughout Canada.

We offer flexible solutions that meet your hazardous waste disposal needs.

why choose earth wate management
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