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hazardous waste disposal in Ottawa, Ontario

Hazardous & Medical Waste  

Disposal In Ottawa, Ontario

hazardous waste disposal Ottawa,Ontario

We offer diverse capabilities and Experience in the waste management Industry 

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Safe and cost-effective Hazardous 

Waste Disposal In Ottawa,ON

medical waste management Ottawa

Earth Waste Management is a full range waste management company specializing in the management and disposal of hazardous wastes and transportation of dangerous Goods in Ottawa, Ontario. 

We have the capacity, resources, and extensive experience in the management of toxic and hazardous waste streams. We can help you dispose of your hazardous wastes safely and in accordance with the rules and regulations of the city of Ottawa and the transportation of Dangerous Goods Canada, TDG. 

To ensure that you meet the hazardous materials' containment requirements, we can supply approved UN rated drums and pails with hazardous symbols and labels. 

hazardous wast disposal Ottawa

Confidential Destruction Services in Ottawa, ON

We provide secure and confidential products  destruction services in Ottawa,ON. Our team of experts and specialists, coupled with a wide range of partners can help you protect your business against identity theft. Call our office to day to find out how our destruction programs may meet your needs and requirements. We can be reached by phone at +1 (587) 707-4333 or by e-mail at

destruction services Ottawa

Medical Waste Disposal In Ottawa,ON

Our branch in Ottawa offers compliant, sustainable, and convenient medial waste management and disposal services to private businesses and government agencies . We have options for small and large quantity waste generators. 

medical waste disposal Ottawa

From private doctor offices and clinics, to hospitals and research facilities, Earth Waste Management' medical waste disposal division has an economical and environmentally sound solution for you. 


Our team will work with you to plan, manage, and dispose of your medical wastes while staying compliant with Laws of the City of Ottawa and the Federal goverment . 

A sustainable way to dispose of your wastes

We offer economical and compliant Industrial Waste Solutions to private and public clients throughout Canada.  We offer hazardous wastes management services, Environmental consulting services, medical and laboratory waste services, chemical waste disposal, and products destruction services in Ottawa, ON

Pharmaceutical waste disposal in Ottawa,ON

Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal 

hazardous waste disposal in Ottawa,ON

Hazardous Waste

biohazardous waste disposl services in Ottawa, ON


products destruction servces in Ottawa,ON

Products Recall

To discuss the specific needs of your business, contact our experts today by phone at (403) 879-2022 or by
E-mail at
chemical waste disposal in Ottawa, ON

Chemical Waste Disposal

medical waste management Ottawa, ON

Medical Waste Disposal Services

site clearance services in Ottawa, ON

Site Clearance Services

laboratory hazardous waste disposal in Ottawa,ON

Laboratory Waste Disposal Services

lightbox advertising waste bins in Ottawa, ON
Learn more about this waste bin

Urban Waste Bins

Earth Waste Management can help make your business more attractive to potential customers and Investors. 

If you have a specific design in mind, we can use it and customize  an urban trash can accordingly. 

Solar Trash Compactors
Lightbox Advertising Waste Bin
Eco-friendly Waste Bins
Solar Intelligent Trash bins
Street Solar Advertising Dustbin
Hotel Indoor Waste Bins
Advertising Trash Cans

Contact Us

+1 587.707.4333

outdoor waste bins in Ottawa,ON

Why use urban trash bins for your business

  • Professional Look

  • Showcase your business in a large screen to the public 

  • The bin is operated by solar power panel 

  • Make money by offering advertising opportunities to other businesses 

  • Using eco-friendly waste bin helps protecting the environment 

Dumpster Mover

  • Reduce workplace Injury

  • Reduce Workers compensation Board Premium 

  • Increase Workers Productivity 

  • Promote Safety at your workplace 

  • Safe workplace attracts more businesses and Investors 

  • Safe working environment helps you retain workers for long time 

dumpster mover in Ottawa, ON


Commercial Office Buildings

Retail Stores & Restaurants

Financial Institutions 

Governmental Buildings


Warehouse & Storage

Shopping Malls

Schools and Colleges

Car dealerships

Real Estate Developers

Medical Laboratoies

Hospitals & Clinics

Factories Production Facilites

Oil & Gas Plants

Power Plant Facilites

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