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Human Anatomical Waste Management 

We offer Integrated Medial Waste Disposal Solutions to Clients Across Canada. We listen to you and ensure you anatomical waste disposal needs and requirements are met. Count on us!

human anatomical waste disposal
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Sustainable Anatomical Waste Disposal

Earth Waste Management offers safe, economical, and compliant human anatomical waste disposal solutions to Hospitals and other medical facilities in Canada. Our team will work closely with you to find the most cost-effective and flexible approach help you meet your anatomical disposal needs while staying compliant with the provincial and federal regulations of your province. 


In general, human anatomical wastes consist of human tissues, organs, and body parts. Our medical waste management team is available to assist and guide you to select the best options for the disposal of your  anatomical wastes without breaching ethical principles or offending religious communities across Canada. Our goal is to promote the prevention of disease infections resulting from the improper handling of infectious wastes .

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