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industrial waste disposal

Industrial Waste Disposal 

We offer safe and compliant Chemicals waste disposal solutions for private and public Clients in Canada.

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industrial waste management

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Compliant & Sustainable Industrial Waste Disposal 

Earth Waste Management provides economical and environmentally sound industrial waste management solutions that aim at protecting human health and the environment. Our Industrial waste disposal approach can help you achieve your sustainability goals of protecting the surface-water, ground-water, and the air. 

Our team of professionals work closely with our partners throughout Canada to help private and public clients dispose of their industrial wastes safely, and in accordance with the provincial and federal rules and regulations. 

We can supply approved UN rated drums and pails for the containment of your industrial and hazardous wastes. 

How can we help!

Unknown Industrial Wastes Disposal 

Earth Waste Management offers field technician services for clients who have unknown industrial wastes.  Our technicians can help you test , characterize, classify , identify, and label your unknown industrial and hazardous wastes. We offer on-site and off-site laboratory testing services. 

Unknown Industrial Wastes Disposal 

Upon final processing and disposal of your Industrial wastes, Earth Waste Management shall issue a certificate of destruction to certify that your wastes have been treated and disposed of in accordance with the Federal, Provincial, Municipal, and Environmental regulations. 

Industrial Waste Management     Industry Sector Wastes 

Earth Waste Management offers Industrial waste management services to private commercial clients and government agencies across Canada. We offer services to almost all Industries. Below is a list of some of the industries that we service 

  • Aircraft Maintenance Waste sector

  • Analytical Laboratories Waste sector 

  • Auto Dealership & Autobody Shops

  • Farm equipment repair shops 

  • Chemical Plants & Gas Plants

  • Petrochemical Plants (organic and Inorganic)

  • Coal Mines 

  • Construction Industry 

  • Dry cleaning 

  • Construction Products Plants

  • Electoplating 

  • Fertilizer plants 

  • Foundries 

  • Oil Sand Plants 

  • Paint removal 

  • Petroleum Products Marketing Facilities

  • Photoprocessing 

  • Power Plants

  • Pulp Mills 

  • Radiator Repair 

  • Rail Car Repair 

  • Refineries 

  • Wood Processing Plants 

  • Nuclear Power Plants 

  • Manufacturing sector

  • Fuel Waste

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