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Confidential Paper Shredding Services

Earth Waste Management provides confidential paper shredding services in Alberta. We offer a wide range of services to small businesses and corporations. These services include on-site shredding, off-site shredding, one-time shredding, and walk-in shredding. 

Our focus is to help clients destroy sensitive documents safely and with complete confidentiality. We offer cost-effective and flexible paper shredding solutions that will permanently eliminate your obsolete information. Our paper shredding team is trained, screened, insured, and Uniformed.

Customers' satisfaction is our number one priority and to ensure your paper shredding instruction and requirements are met, Earth Waste Management implement six steps paper shredding process that designed to destroy your sensitive documents safely. Our paper shredding process is explained below. 

We offer 5 paper shredding options

Our main goal is to help your organization stay compliant with Provincial and Federal Regulations

We are excited to help you! Call our shredding team to discuss the specific needs of your sensitive documents destruction. Our 5 paper shredding options are designed to help you meet your documents shredding and protection needs  while reducing risks , costs, and lost time. 

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One-time paper shredding service is a good option for clients who want to relocate their offices, move their operation from paper based to electronic format, free up office space, or get rid of  packed selves filled with obsolete documents. If any of these situation applicable to your project, our paper shredding team will be glad to listen to your needs and tailor a solution that meets and exceeds your expectations. 

Our one-time paper shredding services is designed to help clients securely destroy sensitive information while reduce cost and risks resulting from exposing this information to the public. We offer on-site , off-site, or walk-in shredding services.

All our paper shredding services follow a strict chain of custody procedures that designed to ensure your information is destroyed with complete confidentiality.


On-site paper shredding

On-site  confidential paper shredding services is a good option for clients who require  destruction of sensitive materials on their site. Our on-site  documents destruction team is trained, screened, and uniformed. At Earth Waste Management, we strive to meet our customers satisfaction by implementing strict paper shredding procedures to destroy and dispose of your confidential information. 

To ensure Our paper shredding processes are followed, our on-site shredding team will be accompanied by a supervisor to oversee the destruction process and issue a certificate of destruction to you at no extra cost. 


Off-site paper shredding

Off-site paper shredding service is used more by organizations that produce large quantity of sensitive documents . Organizations such as hospitals and banks. Our off-site paper shredding service is secured, cost-effective, flexible, and convenient for all types of businesses. we can supply one or more secure paper shredding console that suites your business needs. 

We shred your papers in offices that are secured and monitored by security Cameras 24/7. An experienced paper shredding supervisor is assigned to witness the destruction process and issue a certificate of destruction to you. When collecting the secure containers from your site, a waste transfer note will be issued to you. 

In our destruction offices, no personal cameras , cell phones , or recording devices are allowed. The destruction process is completed in a 100% secure environment.


Walk-in paper shredding 

This option was designed for clients who have few boxes of materials to shred . With this shredding option , you will save on delivery cost, time , and you don't  need to wait for pick up. come to our paper shredding office in downtown Calgary and drop your documents off. The complete address is Suite 908, 825 - 8th Ave SW, Calgary, AB, T2P 2T3. 

Note: For the walk-in paper shredding services, we offer two payments options: Pay by Cash or Cheque. 


 Scheduled Shredding service

For clients who generate large amount of sensitive documents, our scheduled paper shredding services is your best option. This services will help you stay complaint with provincial and federal regulations while reducing the risk of your confidential information being breached and viewed by the public. 

We offer our new clients cost-effective  and 100% guaranteed and  confidential scheduled shredding services . As a client, you can drop off your documents, schedule a pick up, or order onsite shredding. We can supply one or more secure shredding containers . 

One-time paper shredding


Secure Paper Shredding Bins and Bags

Various sizes to suite your business needs

Secure paper shredding consoles 

Our goal is to help our clients store , destroy their document securely and properly, then recycle the waste to save the environment 


Documents Destruction Bags

Document destruction bags are good options for small or infrequent quantities. Document destruction bags can be stored anywhere in your office and they don't take much space. 

Document destruction bags holds between 10 to 40 gallons of documents. Using these bags will save you money and space. They can easily be collected or dropped by you in our offices.

Documents Destruction Bins

Document destruction bins work better for ongoing scheduled collections . These bins are recommended when you have large quantities of sensitive documents to be destroyed or when secure bins are required on site by clients. Call our experts to discuss which option is more convenient and cost-effective for your business. We can supply one or more document destruction bins . You can choose the bin size that suites your needs and office space constraints 

Below is our Secure Paper Shredding Process

The shredding process is monitored by onsite and offsite managers 

To ensure 100% confidentiality of your documents, No cell phones and video recording devices are allowed in our destruction room.

We offer 24/7 customers support services. 


Why hire our paper shredding services?


Place your sensitive documents a secured shredding waste bin


Your documents will be shredded  within 24 hours


Our team collects the waste bin and issue you a transfer note.


We will issue you a certificate of destruction after the shredding


The transferred waste will be sent to our secured facility


Your shredded document is then sent for recycling.

  • Guaranteed 100% secure shredding services 

  • We help you reduce risks , increase productivity while staying compliant with Provincial and Federal Regulations 

  • We offer a wide range of services for small and large businesses 

  • Our clients receive corporate savings throughout the year.If you become our clients, you will automatically be eligible to save on commercial windows cleaning, ceiling cleaning, waste collection and disposal, lawn care and snow removal, documents imaging and scanning, electronica waste and hazardous waste disposal, and office relocation services . 

  • We offer 24/7 customers' support services

  • We provide walk-in paper shredding services

Our Paper Shredding Prices are below 

We understand the importance and sensitivity of your documents. Don't worry we are trustworthy and transparent 

We offer various paper shredding options to suite your business needs. Check out our pricing below and contact us to start your shredding service today.


Drop-off Shredding Services Rates

Please drop of your material at our Calgary downtown office located at Suite 908, 825 - 8th Ave SW. Note: let us know before you show up; sometimes the elevator is not accessible to everyone . Call us at (587) 707-4333 or email us at

We accept any quantity. No minimum or contract is required.  The drop-off shredding service is a prepaid service. Pay in store by Cash or Cheque. 

Price Per Box

Price Per LBS

Box Size

Small Box   12" x 10" x 15"

Large Box   10" x 15" x 24"

Cost illustration:

  1. Dropping Off 10 small boxes (bankers box):      Your total cost = 10 boxes x $22.5 = $225 (Not including GST)                                                                                 Your total cost + 5% GST  = $ 236.25

  2. Dropping Off 10 Large Boxes ( 10" x 15" x 24"): Your total cost = 10 boxes x $ 35 = $350 ( Not including GST)                                                                                    Your total cost + 5% GST = $ 367.5 

Additional Cost

  • We charge an additional $ 13.5 for certificate of destruction. If you don't need a certificate of destruction; don't pay this amount.

  • We charge an additional $1.25 per box for breaking down your empty boxes and recycle them.

Drop Off Services hours

Please drop off your material at our office between     12 (Noon) and 8:30 Pm. 

Drop off Location : 

Suite 908, 825 - 8th Ave SW, Calgary , Alberta.

Building : West View Height Commercial Division

Off-site Paper Shredding Services Rates

Our paper shredding team will come to your site, pick up your material and securely transport it  to our location. At the pick up location,  a waste transfer will be issued to you. 

Price Per Box

Price Per LBS

Box Size

Small Box   12" x 10" x 15"

Large Box   10" x 15" x 24"

Shredding Console 

Large Bin   44" x 26" x 30"

Cost illustration:

  1. Picking up 10 small boxes (banker box): Your total cost = 10 boxes x $22.5 + $190 (transportation) = $415                                                                         Your total cost + 5% GST = $435.75

  2. Pick up 1 240ltr bin:                          Your total cost = 1bin x $90 + $190 (transportation) = $280                                                                                           Your total cost + 5% GST = $294.00

Additional Costs

  • We charge an additional $ 13.5 for certificate of destruction. If you don't need a certificate of destruction; don't pay this amount.

  • We charge an additional $1.25 per box for breaking down your empty boxes and recycle them.

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