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radioactive waste disposal

Radioactive Waste Disposal

We offer safe and compliant radioactive waste disposal solutions for private and public Clients in Canada.

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radioactive waste management
radioactive waste disposal

24/7 Customer Support  Services  587.707.4333

Radioactive waste Disposal Service Locations

British Columbia

Telephone No: +1 (403) 879-2022

New Brunswick

Earth Waste Management is a national leader in providing sustainable management and disposal of hazardous wastes, special wastes, medical wastes, and technically challenging wastes throughout Canada.

Earth Waste Management provides sustainable radioactive waste management and disposal services for private businesses and government agencies across Canada. We offer safe, economical, and compliant radioactive waste disposal solutions that meet provincial and federal rules and regulations. 

Our team of professional project managers, technicians, and waste transporters have extensive experience and knowledge of hazardous waste and radioactive waste management & disposal

Sustainable Radioactive waste disposal solutions

radioactive waste disposal

Radioactive waste categories

radioactive waste categories
  • Very Short-lived radioactive waste 

  • Very Low-lived radioactive waste 

  • Low-level radioactive waste 

  • Intermediate-level radioactive waste 

  • High-level radioactive waste 

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