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sharps disposal calgary

To speak with an expert to discuss the specific needs of your sharps and needles disposal , contact us today by phone at +1 (587) 707-4333 or by email at

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Syringes & Sharps Disposal

syringes and sharps disposal calgary

We are a national leader in providing sharps wast management and disposal services nation-wide

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Compliant Sharps Disposal Services

Safely dispose of your sharp wastes

The improper disposal of Sharps, Syringes, and needles can cause infection of HIV(AIDS) , Hepatitis B, and other dangerous diseases;therefore, prudent and safe handling of potentially infectious Sharps must be put in-place. 

Earth Waste Management can help you dispose of your Sharps, Syringes, and any other biohazardous wastes safely, and in accordance with provincial and federal rules and regulations. Our program is safe , cost-effective, flexible. you can create your own pick up and drop off schedule and pay only for what you need. We can supply approved sharps container(s) and Bags that meet your requirements. No contract is necessary . 


Our Sharps and Syringes disposal services include the safe disposal of hypodermic needles, pen needles, intravenous needles, lancets, blades, scapels, broken glass, and any other contaminated sharp object. All sharps must be placed in a special biomedical labeled sharps containers

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syringes disposal services
syringes and needles disposal calgary

Sharps Waste Disposal Options:

Earth Waste Management offers sustainable and safe sharps waste disposal program that are desinged to help you dispose of your waste while meeting your budge limits. See options below:

To accommodate the needs and requirements of our clients, we offer various sharps waste disposal options which aim at helping you reduce cost  and Injury risks while meet law requirements. based on quantity of sharps waste your business generates, we can recommend a solution that perfectly fits your needs. We offer two disposal options: 

  1. Contract-based sharps waste management program 

  2. Non-contract sharps waste disposal program  " for small quantity generators"

Sharps waste disposal options

Sharps Waste disposal Pricing: 

Our sharps waste disposal pricing starts as low as $45/month depending on the quantity of waste your business generates. Our pricing includes: 

  • Empty containers supply 

  • Transportation Costs 

  • Disposal Cost 

sharps waste disposal pricing
compliant sharps disposal services

Economical Sharps Waste Management Solutions for doctors 

If you generate small quantity sharp wastes and are looking for an economical option to manage and dispose of your sharp wastes safely and in accordance with provincial and federal rules and regulations, our SQSB program might be your best option. See details below

Sharps and Needles Disposal   Doctors Offices' Sharps Disposal Program

Small Quantity Sharp Box Program - SQSB 

Earth Waste Management's Medical waste disposal division has developed a cost-effecitive and compliant sharps waste management program for private doctors' offices, shops, retail stores, and other small quantity waste generators.  This program is called " Small Quantity Sharp Box - SQSB"

The goal of the SQSB program is to help doctors and small sharp waste quantity generators manage and dispose of their wastes safely and economically. Participating in this program can help you reduce your sharps waste disposal cost significantly. 

How does the SQSB program works ?
  • We will supply twelve(12)  approved sharp containers . The size of each container is 4.5 Litre.

  • Our sharp containers meet the requirements of the CAN/CSA standards. Using these containers will help you stay compliant with regulation and meet the sharp waste' containment requirements. 

  • We will supply biohazard box, liners , and labels. This will help you meet the biohazaardous waste labeling, storage, and transportation requirements. 

Follow the steps below:
  • Step 1: Place your sharp wastes into the containers 

  • Place the full sharp waste containers inside the provided red-color biohazardous waste bag. 

  • Place the full biohazardous bag into the labeled biohazardous waste box

  • Seal the box and contact our office for pick up. 

Benefits of the SQSB program? 
  • No contract is required 

  • No transportation Fees 

  • You will receive free sharp containers , biohazardous labels, Liners and a biohazardous waste box.

  • You will only pay for what you use 

  • 24/7 customer support service

  • If you participate in our SQSB program, you will be eligible to benefit from our corporate saving programs. 

Acceptable Sharps' Items
  • Syringes 

  • Hypodemic needles 

  • Scalpels 

  • Razors and razor blades 

  • Test tubes

  • Phials 

  • Broken Glasses 

  • Pipettes 

Corporate Savings Program

Our sharps waste disposal clients can save on the following services: 

  • Medical & Biohazardous Waste Disposal 

  • Hazardous Waste Disposal 

  • Healthcare Facility Cleaning 

  • Doctors' office cleaning 

  • Ground Maintenance 

  • Secure documents destruction 

Phone No: +1 (587) 707-4333

Fax No:      +1 (587) 799-0905


private doctor offices program

Approved Sharp Containers     CAN/CSA Standards

Contaminated sharp wastes can cause serious Injuries to your staff and the public ;therefore, disposal of your sharp wastes must be done in accordance with provincial and federal rules and regulations. All sharp wastes must be contained in approved containers.

Standards council of Canada has established specific requirements and criteria for sharp containers. Earth Waste Management can supply you with sharp containers that meet the requirements of CAN/CSA Standards. Your sharp containers must pass test against the following: 

  • Materials of Construction 

  • Color of Sharp containers

  • Lifespan of containers 

  • Puncture Resistance  

  • Fill Capacity & Fill Indicator 

  • Overfill Protection 

  • Needle unwinders 

  • Handle strength 

  • Impact Resistance 

  • Topping resistance 

  • Container opener/closure device 

  • Thermal Integrity 

  • Biohazards Labels & Symbols 

approved sharp containers

To speak with an expert to discuss the specific needs of your sharps disposal and syringes management call us today at +1 587.707.4333 or email us at

Earth Waste  Management Sharps Disposal Program is reliable, competitive , fast, and designed for everyone .

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sharps management calgary

Sharps disposal tips

  • you can not place sharps in any container used for the collection of solid waste and recyclable materials

  • you can not place sharps in any commercial containers used for the collection of solid waste and recyclable materials from business establishments.

  • You can not place sharps in any roll-off container used for construction and demolition bins .

  • You can not leave sharps containers on the streets 

  • do not throw needles and syringes in the trash

  • do not break or bend needles 

  • do not recap needles 

  • do not use clear plastic containers to store sharps 

  • do not use glass containers like a drink bottle

  • do not leave sharps containers near children 

Why choose our sharps disposal program:

  • We offer professional Sharps Management Program 

  • Our sharps and syringes disposal program is cost-effective, flexible, and allows you to pay only for what you need

  • No binding contract is required 

  • Our Syringes disposal service is safe and handled by trained staff 

  • We have in-place problem identification and resolution plan 

  • Our customer support services is available to you for 24/7

  • We accept a side rang e of payment options including cash, Cheques , direct deposit, and email transfer.

  • We can supply approved sharps container(s) .

  • We will provide you with a certificate of destruction 

  • We offer emergency response services

How can we help!

To sign up for a new service, contact our office today.   

Tel: +1 587.799.0905 or email:

sharps and syringes disposal
  • We can help you reduce the high cost associated with sharps disposal

  • You don't need to sign any time-binding sharps disposal service contracts 

  • Our staff is experienced and continuously trained 

  • Our employees are screened and uniformed 


Earth Waste Management Offers sharps disposal services for Hospitals, Clinics, Community healthcare centers, private doctor offices, Veterinary offices, and nursing homes. Whether it is a one time service or  a contract, Earth Waste Management has a cost-effective solutions for your sharps disposal needs.

Most Recent Shaps Clients

The clients below Joined our sharps waste disposal program recently . Now they dispose of their wastes safely while paying only for what they generate and dispose of.

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