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site clearance services

Site Clearance Services

We offer a wide-range of site clearance solutions to commercial and residential business developers and government agencies in Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

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site clearance services
site clearance services

Economical Site Clearance Solutions

Earth Waste Management provides complete cost-effective site clearance services in Alberta and Saskatchewan. We can help you demolish, break up, and remove ruble, debris, solid wastes, hazardous materials, scrap metals, and radioactive contaminated materials. 

Our team will work closely with your team to develop and implement an economical and compliant site waste management plan which focuses on the minimization, storage, and disposal of ll waste produced during site clearance and construction works.

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Site Waste Management

Earth Waste Management has the expertise , resources, and capabilities required to assist you to develop a sustainable site waste management plan. We can supply site clearance equipment, experienced workers, roll-off bins and other containers tailored to meet your site waste disposal needs. We can provide the following solid waste management services:

  • Garbage collection and disposal

  • Dry-Mixed recycling 

  • Green waste recycling 

  • Scrap Metals Recycling 

  • Chemical waste removal 

  • Radioactive contaminated materials removal

  • Electronic Waste Recycling 

  • Products Destruction 

  • Automobile Scrap Recycling 

Site Investigation 

Before you could start constructing your new project, most jurisdictions require that you conduct a site investigation to determine whether the site is contaminated and the extent of contamination. Site investigation also helps you determine how much materials need to be removed from the site , and whether improvement is required so that your site is ready and prepared for construction. 

Earth Waste Management can help you inspect and investigate your site and recommend an economical solutions relating to testing, soil improvement, hazardous waste disposal, metals recycling, and environmental remediation. Upon investigating your site, we will provide a detailed ground exploration and investigation report.

Hazardous Materials Removal

During the site inspection and investigation, our team will determine whether there are hazardous wastes or contaminated materials present in your site.  Our field technician will perform testing on any materials that is unknown or suspected to be hazardous. Once the materials are classified to be hazardous, our team will work with you closely to manage and dispose of any hazardous materials safely and in accordance with regulations.

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