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Snow Removal Services

Fast     Cost-Effective    Safe     Sustainable 

To speak with an expert to discuss the specific needs of your business call us today at +1 587.707.4333 or email us at

snow removal calgary

Earth Waste Management has the best operations and processes in place to keep snow off your premises throughout bad winter months. We have snow removal  solutions for small size business as well as corporations. We offer commercial and Residential snow removal services, road gritting services, grit bin rental , parking lot snow clearing, and maintenance service.

Rapid Response Snow Removal Services 24/7

Our emergency response team is available to you for 24/7 to help you cop with winter challenges and meet your snow removal goals. Call our customer support services hot line at +1 587.707.4333

Manual snow clearing services

This services is recommended when more than 3 cm of snow is recorded on the ground.  Earth Waste Management offers regular and emergency Manual snow cleaning services to your business or home. This services is used to clear now off your rooftops, Car parks, sidewalks, entrances and exits . 

Deicers and Salts are applied to the cleared areas to prevent accidents and provide you with safe site. To prevent ice build-up on your sidewalk, parking lot or entrances, a prompt snow removal after a 3 cm of snowfall is accumulated is recommended.

Earth Waste Management snow removal service is fast, reliable, cost-effective, and flexible. create your own snow clearing schedule and pay only for what you need.

Snow clearing emergency response service is also available. Call our hot snow removal line at +1 587.707.4333. We are open for 24/7 .

snow removal calgary
Snow Removal Calgary

Mechanical snow clearing services

Earth Waste Management provides mechanical snow removal services for commercial areas, roads and pathways, institutional facilities, and healthcare buildings. After clearing the snow from your ground , we apply salt and deicers to prevent ice build up and ensure your roads and pathways are safe for your clients and employees. 

We supply every customer with 24/7 snow removal emergency numbers to ensure that our off-site and on-site snow clearance supervisors can always be contacted. 

We understand that safe and accessible workplace is important to your business growth;therefore, our snow removal team is committed to help you keep your sidewalks, parking lots, loading docks, and facility entrance snow-free.

Snow Removal using Snow Plowing  Equipment

Mechanical Snow Removal 

Quality and Reliable Winter Maintenance Services

Emergency Snow Clearance & Gritting Services

Get Real Time Update 24/7

24/7 Snow Removal Emergency Cover

This snow removal program is designed for heavy snowfall during which snow accumulates more than 6 cm. This mechanical clearing program includes snow removal, off-site snow hauling, and salt and deicer application. 

Our snow plowing services is designed for Industrial complexes, Businesses and governmental offices, Shopping centers, Healthcare facilities, warehouses, Large parking areas, and more.

Let our consultants help you plan a tailored snow removal program that meet your business needs. A good snow removal program can help you improve the safety of your employees and Clients and the Public. Snow clearing means preventing snow and ice-related injuries. Call us today . We are good listeners!

snow removal calgary
  • Our snow removal program is reliable and cost-effective

  • We offer 24/7 customer support services 

  • We have in-place a 24/7 snow removal emergency response service 

  • Dedicated Customer web portal to track jobs in real-time 

  • Monthly reporting 

  • Our employees are trained on occupational Health and Safety 

  • We are an equal employment opportunity employer 

A Cost-Effective and Reliable snow Removal Program is what we offer at Earth Waste Management

Earth Waste Management is a trusted snow removal company providing cost-effective snow removal and general winter maintenance in Alberta. Our wide range of snow clearing services includes:

  • Manual snow and ice removal

  • Mechanical snow removal

  • Salt and Deicers application

  • Roads and Pathways Ice Control 

  • Parking Lots snow clearing 

  • Snow removal emergency response service 

To speak with a Consultant to discuss the specific needs of your Snow Removal Call us today at +1 587.707.4333 or email

Ground Maintenance services calgary

Why Hire our snow removal services?

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