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waste collection services

Waste Collections & Disposal

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Waste Collection and Disposal

We provide sustainable solutions for all your commercial and residential waste needs.

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waste collection services
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Waste Collection & Disposal Sevices

Waste collection services
Waste Collection
Waste disposal services in Calgary
Mixed Recycling
waste collection and disposal  in Calgary
Organic Waste

Earth Waste Management can help you get rid of your general, Non-recyclable, waste from your premises. We will provide you with Waste bins that suit your business needs. Our experts are there to help you design and schedule pickup frequencies. pay only for what you need . 

Earth Waste Management offers waste collections and disposal services for commercial sectors, real estate and property management companies, educational institutions, government agencies and householders.

At Earth Waste Management we are committed to providing you with sustainable, cost-effective, high quality, and exceptional service that will meet and exceed your expectations. As an expert in the waste management industry, we offer sustainable waste and environmental services tailored to your business needs. 

wase collection & disposal
waste collection an disposal calgary

Waste collection & disposal

Earth Waste Management delivers Innovative, cost-effective, sustainable

 and efficient waste management services for businesses and homes

Earth Waste Management offers simple, cost-effective , and sustainable general waste collection and disposal services throughout Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. 

Our prompt waste collection program offers pick services from 1 to 7 times per week. We have a wide range of Front-End-Containers you can choose from. Picking the right containers will help you save money and pay only for what your business needs. 

Waste is collected using a 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 yards bins. Knowing the right size of bin your property needs will help you control your time and budget. Hiring the right size waste bin means you only pay for the space you use in the waste truck.

waste collection services

Earth Waste Management offers professional,cost-effective,and sustainable dry mixed recycling services for business customers looking for a simple,fast, and efficient way to recycle their recyclable wastes, improve recycling performance, and stay environmentally compliant. 

We can provide collection of your mixed dry recyclables from your premises. Our commingled recycling services cover Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.


Our recycling program can help you save money and time by introducing innovative recycling solutions aiming at keeping your business sustainable. Earth Waste Management can supply movable wheelie bins ranging in size from 35 U.S gallons to 95 U.S gallons.  

Commingled Recycling

waste collection & disposal services
waste disposal calgary
waste collection & disposal services
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waste collection services calgary

Innovation and professional look is what we sill bring to your business. And here is how :

  • We offer outdoor solar-powered LED advertising light box with two or three waste bins. you can display your products in two or four sides.

  • Indoor LED/LCD advertising light box with two or three waste bins . You can display your products or services in two or four sides.

  • We offer anti-terror waste bins. these bins are explosive proof and designed in a way that anything gets thrown into the bin , can be seen by your security officers. 

Because of their sexy look, our solar-powered waste bins can be placed upfront, by the main entrance, in the middle of your stores or wherever you like. these bins will improve the look of your business significantly . 

Click here to learn more about our smart waste bins

Paper and Cardboard Recycling

Recycling your paper and cardboard means you are taking part in preserving the rainforests and protecting the environment. 

Do you generate paper and cardboard wastes? Earth Waste Management can provide collection of your paper and cardboard waste from your premises. Our paper and cardboard recycling service is cost-effective, sustainable, flexible , and reliable. 


We offer a wide range of recycling options you can choose from. Our recycling bins range from 35 U.S gallons wheelie bin to 95 U.S gallons wheelie bin. Large commercial containers range from 3 cubic yards to 20 Cubic yards. Our team can help you choose the right size bin that will meet your recycling needs and save you time and money. We help our clients pay only for what they need.

Protecting the environment and preserving trees population is a responsibility that shared among individuals, businesses, and governmental agencies. A better and healthy future for you, and your family can simply starts by recycling your recyclable materials .

Hundreds of thousands of trees are being cut everyday ,by businesses ,to create new products. If we all recycle our paper and Cardboard waste properly, we can save the trees populations. 

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Why paper & cardboard recycling is important ?

Wastes going to landfill has a huge negative impact on the natural environment and future of our children. 

  • Recycling helps to decrease the pollution caused by waste. when we dump wastes in landfills, harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses are released. 

  • Cutting trees leads to deforestation which is a factor in the causes of the global warming 

  • Recycling reduce the needs for raw materials to make new products; thus preserving the rainforests.

waste collection& disposal
waste disposal services
construction waste disposal

How you can help save this forest?

  • Recycle your paper & cardboard 

  • Reuse the recyclables to make new products

  • Recycling means no more waste dumping in landfills

  • Recycling means less energy used in making new products.

              Thank you for recycling!

Acceptable Waste Items

waste disposal services
waste collection & disposal
Waste Management Services
Waste Removal and Disposal
Indoor and Outdoor Waste Bins
Solar-powered Waste Bins
Bins and Containers
Construction Waste Removal

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Earth Waste Management views itself as a contributor of sustainable and healthy lifestyle for Canadians. Our waste management solutions aim at helping business owners and householders dispose of their various types of waste. To stay complaint by meeting the provincial and federal regulations, please don't place the following wastes into your general waste container : 

  • Hazardous waste

  • Bio hazardous waste 

  • liquid waste 

  • Chemical Waste 

  • Large heavy objects 

  • Contaminated soils 

  • Concrete 

  • Construction waste 

  • Asbestos waste 

  • Used oil 

  • Food waste 

  • Drums 

  • Rocks and Dirts

  • Asphalt , Tar, and Gravel Roofing waste

  • Treated or burnt wood


dumpster mover calgary
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waste collection services

Earth Waste Management can provide full waste disposal and recycling solutions. See below how we can help you reduce workers' compensation claim resulting from Injury and Increase Productivity. When it comes to a flexible and efficient waste management, WasteCady is the solution.  

Green life starts with disposing of your waste properly

Waste Bins & Containers

We can supply various sizes and types of bins to meet your business needs.

waste disposal services
waste disposal calgary
waste collection & disposal in calgary


Earth Waste Management can supply one or more wheelie bins to meet your business waste removal and recycling needs. Our wheelie bins range in size from 35 u.s gallons to 95 u.s gallons . 

Why using wheelie bins is good solutions for commercial customers:

  • Wheelie bins are easy to move and can be stored even in small space

  • Suitable for small quantity waste generators 

  • you can use your wheelie bins inside and outside of your business premises 

  • Lockable lids and braked wheels for safe mobility 

  • Using wheelie bins is cost-effective 

  • You can use wheelie bins for general waste, recycling ,and organic waste  recycling 

waste collection calgary
waste collection servics

Front End Container Sizes

General waste is collected using the following bin sizes in cubic yard






Earth Waste Management offers front lift bin hire services for commercial, residential, industrial, and governmental clients. Our front end bin sizes range from 2 cubic yards to 8 cubic yards. 

Service includes: 

  • Pickup frequency from 1 to 7 times per week depending on your business needs.

  • Front End containers for general waste, recycling , and organic waste 

  • We offer plastic or metal lids, in a flat-to or slope-to style 

  • We provide castors if the bin needs to be moveable 

Our Front End Container Sizes

Our Roll-Off Container Sizes

waste collection and disposal
waste collection & disposal
waste collection services

Free Waste Consultation 

Call Us Today +1 (587) 707-4333

Earth Waste Management can help you save between 15 to 20% on your total property maintenance bill! . Ask us about our all-In-one waste solution.

Construction Waste Disposal

Earth Waste Management offers construction waste disposal services for Residential, commercial, and governmental customers. The construction waste is collected in a roll-off bin and disposed of in a special landfill. Our roll-off bin sizes range from 10 to 40 cubic yard.

Construction Load Restriction

We work with commercial and residential construction contractors , helping them effectively manage their construction and demolition waste. Earth Waste Management  can help you dispose of your construction waste with certain restrictions.

waste collection calgary


Rocks & Dirt

  • Maximum 10 cubic yard container due to weight 

  • Dirt and Rock can be combined but not mixed with other materials

  • Dirt and Rock mixture can be taken to a Green waste facility


  • Maximum 20 cubic yard container due to weight 

  • Drywall/Gyproc must be placed in a separate bin.

  • We send Drywall to be recycled and reused  

  • Maximum 10 cubic yard container due to weight 

  • Concrete must not be mixed with any other materials. It is recyclable  

Roofing Materials

  • Maximum 20 cubic yard container due to weight 

  • Must not be mixed with any other materials.

  • Roofing materials are send to special disposal facilities 

Treated wood

  • due to environmental reasons, burnt wood must be placed into a separate bin and send to a special facility

  • Treated wood also must be placed into a separate bin and sent to a special facility.

Contaminated Soil

  • Contaminated soils must not be placed into general waste bin, it must be separated and sent to a special disposal facility.

Industries We Serve

Small Heading

Where we operate in Canada

Earth Waste Management offers waste management services in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia . See below what cities our waste collection, and recycling services cover. 

Hospitals & Clinics
Medical Laboratories
Schools & Colleges
Commercial Buildings
Retail Stores
Airports & Transit Facility
Residential Properties
Industrial Facilties
Governmental Offices

Earth Waste Management is committed to providing sustainable, cost-effective and reliable waste management solutions for a wide range of businesses and organizations. Below is a list of some of industrie we serve.

waste disposal calgary
Industries we serve
Where we operate in Canada

Office address

Suite 908, 825 - 8th Ave SW, Calgary, AB, T2P 2T3

Where we operate:

  • Calgary

  • Red Deer 

  • Edmonton 

  • Airdrie 

  • Cochran

  • High River 

Office address

2A - 15 Worobetz Place

Saskatoon, SK

Where we operate:

  • Regina

  • Saskatoon  

waste collection calgary


Office address

Suite 250, 1350 Burrard St Vancouver, BC, V6Z 0C2

Where we operate:

  • Vancouver

  • Victoria 

  • Nanaimo 

  • Kelowna 

  • Kamloops 



waste disposal calgary
Smart Office Waste bins
Outdoor solar-powered Bins
Dumpster Mover Service
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Why choose Earth Waste Management

Why choose Earth Waste Management

We can help you save up to 20% on your facility maintenance cost 

Earth Waste Management is not just a collection and disposal service company. We are a full range waste management company that helps clients manage their waste effectively, reduce their total  their total facility maintenance cost . See below is a list of advantages Earth Waste Management has over other companies.

  • We offer sustainable, cost-effective , and fair service to every new customer 

  • We help clients save up to 20% on their total facility maintenance bill 

  • We don't force new customers to enter into a long term agreements with us; you can choose a contract term between 1 and 5 years. 

  • We offer locks and wheels for your bins without no extra cost

  • We use local workforce 

  • We offer 24/7 customer support service 

  • We can help you achieve professional and sexy office environment; we can furnished your office with solar-powered waste and recycling bins. These types of bins have cool light advertising boxes on which you can tell your customers what your business is all about. you can also make money by letting other companies advertise on your waste bin. 

  • Our smart waste bins can be placed anywhere in your office; this means you don't have to worry about an ugly looking garbage bins sitting on your floors or in front of your building.  

  • Using Earth Waste Management as your service provider means you are going to pay only for what your business needs. 

  • Our all-in-one waste solution will help you save between 15 - 20% on your total facility maintenance cost. This waste solutions enables you to save on waste collection and disposal , lawn care and snow removal, commercial cleaning , facility management, ceiling cleaning and indoor air quality control. By combining all these services in one package, we guarantee you up to 20% savings in your monthly bill. 

  • Our all-in-one solutions saves you time as well. So you don't need to hire managers to manage different companies that  manage your waste . Earth Waste Management can provide the service and manage the whole process for you while you worry about growing your business. 

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