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waste management services

Our Approach 

Our Clients: Our ultimate goal is to meet the needs and requirements of our clients' projects. We do our best to establish and maintain a long relationship with our clients.

Network: We network and partner up with other waste management companies across the country to address the challenges of the waste industry and promote profit-sharing opportunities.

Employment Opportunities Diversity and Inclusion is in the center of our corporate sustainability policy. At Earth Waste Management we offer equal employment opportunities to all People. Discrimination, harassment, profanity, corruption, and exploitation are not tolerated in our company.

Our Supplies The team at Earth Waste Management ensures that protecting the environment comes first. We buy and promotes products that are eco-friendly and cause no harm to our staff and customers 

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Our Purpose & Values


At Earth Waste Management the driver of our success is our employees. That is why we provide our employees the best training, career development, and competitive wages and benefits.


We operate our business with Integrity. Ethical business practices, fairness, equality, and transparency is the foundation of our work. Hence, our staff is expected to carry out their work with complete integrity 


Management at Earth Waste Management is committed to excellence in all its operation and transaction. We offer high quality and cost-effective services and chose to work with suppliers and clients that adopt sustainable business practices .  

our purpose and values

Our Code of Ethical Conduct

Strong values and continuous improvement is the foundation on which Earth Waste Management was built. Our code of ethical business conduct was established to promote ethical business practices, best management practices, health and safety, sustainability, employees and business growth, community development, and protecting the environment. 

Earth Waste Management code of ethical conduct prohibits violence, discrimination, retaliation, harassment, racism, corruption, and any behaviors that consider unethical in the workplace or in doing business transaction. Our clients can request a copy of our code of ethical conduct. 

code of conduct


ISO 14001

Environmental Management System EMS

Earth Waste Management has developed an environmental management system manual that focus on enforcing polices related to environmental waste minimization, cost reduction ,and organizational environmental performance. Our staff is trained to follow the policies and guidelines of the  ISO 14001.

ISO 14001

Environmental Organization "Stewardship Programs"

Management at Earth Waste Management is responsible for the environmental performance of our organization. This include implementing ISO 14001 training and environmental stewardship programs. Our management team meets three times a year to review progress of our environmental performance and recommend further improvement. 

ISO 14001

Policy and Strategy 


Earth Waste Management has established environmental and sustainability policies to help us enforce our commitment to protecting the environment.   Management and employees are required to read and understand the policy and commit to implement it whenever possible. 

Our strategy is to be compliant, waste-reduction-oriented, and continuously trained.


Health and Safety

At Earth Waste Management, the safety of the public, our customers, and our employees receives our highest priority. Occupational Health and Safety is a valuable culture in our company; therefore, we have developed a health and safety manual that aims at enforcing safety practices at the workplace and encouraging employees to participate in safety training and continuous improvement.  

Our Management and Safety committee teams periodically enroll employees in safety training classes such as Certificate of Recognition COR training, and Occupational health and Safety Training.

The staff at Earth Waste Management is encouraged to participate in the development of our safety policy and Manuals. Employees are also encouraged to report any hazards at the workplace. Our clients can request a complete copy of our Health and Safety Manuals. 

waste management services
Health and Safety


Public Sector


  • Resdential Waste Services

  • Property Management

  • Medical Waste Solution

  • Municipalities 

  • Hospitals , Clinics & Laboratories

  • Colleges and Universities

  • Recreation Facilities 

  • Public Parks

  • Public Libraries 

  • Federal Buildings 

  • Community Centers 

  • Public Sidewalks 

  • Public Transit Stations 


  • Commercial Office Buildings

  • Hotel and Lodging

  • restaurants and shopping malls

  • Warehouses and Retail Stores

  • Factories and Slaughterhouses

  •  Oil and Gas Offices

  • Venues and Yards

  • Catering Events 

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Our Companies 

Integrated and Compliant Waste Management Services across Canada
Sustainable Construction and Project Management
Sustainable Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Cleaning Solutions
Health Cleaning
Solutions Inc
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