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chemical waste disposal

Chemicals Waste Disposal 

We offer safe and compliant Chemicals waste disposal solutions for private and public Clients in Canada.

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chemical wast disposal
chemical waste management

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Compliant & Sustainable Chemicals Waste Disposal 

Earth Waste Management provides compliant, safe, and cost-effective chemical waste disposal services for private businesses and public organizations across Canada. Our team of skilled professionals can help you find a sustainable and economical solutions to dispose of your chemical wastes in accordance with provincial and federal regulations. 

Earth Waste Management has the resources , capabilities ,and expertise required to help you manage and dispose of your chemical waste successfully. We Offer chemical waste disposal services in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Winnipeg. 

Our chemical waste management team is available to answer your questions and walk you through the compliant disposal process in your province. 

Provincial and federal regulations mandate that all chemical wastes must be properly contained and labeled before they can be transported offsite and disposed of. Earth Waste Management can supply approved chemical waste drums and pails to help you meet the containment requirements of your waste and avoid violating the law. If you have questions, contact our office at (587) 707-4333. 

Bulk Chemical Waste Disposal 

Earth Waste Management can assist you in managing, transporting, and disposing of your bulk chemical wastes Canada wide. Our team of chemical waste management professionals will ensure that your chemical waste disposal procedure is compliant and meet federal and provincial rules and regulations. 

Earth Waste Management' hazardous waste management division has the capabilities to provide transportation, equipment,tools, and human resources needed to help you dispose of your bulk chemical wastes safely, successfully, and economically. 

bulk chemical waste disposal

Explosive and Highly Reactive Chemicals 

If your business generates explosive and highly reactive chemical wastes, Earth Waste Management has economical and compliant chemical waste disposal solutions that can be tailored to meet your business needs and requirements. Below is an example list of shock-sensitive compounds that are considered explosive or highly reactive chemicals 

  • Hydroperoxides

  • Diazo Compounds

  • Dry diazonium Salts

  • Powdered Metals 

  • Acryl

  • Metallic azides

  • Nitrocellulose

  • Strong Oxidizing agents 

  • Peroxides

  • Strong reducing agents

  • Picric acid

  • Alkyl nitrates Alkyl perchlorates azides

explosive & highly reactive chemicals

Unknown Chemical Wastes 

Earth Waste Management can help you dispose of your unknown chemical wastes safely. Before you could dispose of your chemical wastes, the law requires that types, name and classification of chemicals must be known. Provincial and Federal regulations mandate that all hazardous chemical waste containers must be properly labeled with their content. Violation of this requirements may result in large fines on the waste generator. 

To ensure safety and compliance , our team of expert can help you plan, manage , and dispose of your unknown chemical waste in accordance with regulations. We offer testing, analysis, and characterization of unknown chemical waste services throughout Canada. 

If you have unknown chemical wastes in your site, we can send technicians to help you test and identify the chemicals, labels your chemicals containers,  and transport and dispose of the wastes.  For some chemicals that can't be tested onsite, samples may be taken to laboratory for further analysis . If you have specific questions, contact our office at ( 587) 707-4333

unknown chemical wastes

Special chemicals-contaminated waste items disposal

At Eath Waste Management, we have a wealth of experience in providing hazardous waste management and disposal services. We can help you dispose of your chemicals-contamianted waste items. See sample list items below:

  • Batteries 

  • Metallic Mercury

  • Waste Oil 

  • Paint & Painting Supplies 

  • Mercury-containing wastes

  • Photographic Chemicals 

  • Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)

  • Electronics 

  • Refrigerants

  • Lead-contaminated waste

  • Compressed Gas Cylinders 

  • Ethidium Bromide 

  • Appliances 

  • Pesticides

  • Asbestos 

special chemicals-contamiated waste items

Ballasts-containing Items' disposal 

If your business generates ballasts-containing items, Earth Waste Management offers special waste disposal services that can help your business dispose of its ballasts-containing items safely, cost-effectively, and in accordance with rules and regulations. 

We can supply UN rated steel/plastic drums and pails for the containment of your ballasts-containing wastes . Because ballasts-containing items are regulated , they must be properly contained and readied for transportation. Along with the containers and pails, we will supply proper labels to help you meet the labeling requirements when transporting ballasts-containing items onsite and offsite. 

Examples of ballasts-containing items:

  • Fluorescent Light Ballasts 

  • Non-PCB ballasts 

  • PCB ballasts 

ballasts-containing items disposal
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Chemical Waste containers 

Before you could transport your chemical wastes, they must be properly contained to meet municipal, environmental, and federal hazardous waste transportation and disposal requirements. 

Earth Waste Management can supply approved UN rated chemical waste containers and pails to help you contain your wastes, stay compliant with regulations ,and  ensure that your employees are safe . 

chemical waste containers

List of common chemicals 

Peroxide Forming Compounds 

  • Cyclohexanes 

  • Cycloooctene 

  • Diethyl Ether 

  • Dioxanes

  • Isopropyle Ether 

  • Sodium Amide

  • Tetrahydrofuran

  • Acrylonitrile 

  • Butadiene

  • Chlorotrifluoroethylene 

  • Vinyl Chloride 

  • Vinyl Ethers 

  • Vinylidene Chloride

  • Acetal 

  • Acrylic Acid 

  • Chloroprene 

  • other 

Reactive Materials 

  • Acetyle Chloride 

  • Anhydrous Aluminum Chloride 

  • Aresenic 

  • Benzyl Peroxide 

  • Bromine 

  • Calcium Metals 

  • Cyanide Compounds 

  • Chlorossulfonic Acid 

  • Lithium Metal

  • Metal Hydrides 

  • Phosphorus 

  • Silanes 

  • Selenium 

  • Sodium Metal

  • Sulfide Compounds 

  • Tellurium 

  • Thionyl Chloride 

Heavy Metals

  • Arsenic 

  • Cadmium

  • Lead

  • Selenium 

  • Silver

  • Barium 

  • Chromium 

  • Mercury 

chemicals list
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