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Organic Waste Recycling - Compost

We have solutions that help you protect the environment and stay complaint with governmental regulations

Reliable      Sustainable      Cost-Effective     Efficient      Flexible

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organic waste recycling

Organic Waste Collection Services 

How we can help

organic waste recycling

Food Waste Recycling 

Food waste recycling is very important for individual and businesses. Organic waste recycling can help protect the environment , reduce the cost of waste disposal by moving heavy food waste out of the general waste bins.


Earth Waste Management offers organic and food waste recycling services in Alberta. We provide compost recycling solutions for small businesses, real estates, and corporations. We can supply green waste bin and tailor collections schedule that meet your needs and requirements. 

Statistics shows that Canada generates more than 32,000,000 tonnes of solid municipal waste ,SMW, annually. And despite the increase in waste diversion programs , Canada's waste generation per capita continues to rise at a rate of about 1.5% per year. 

Diverting these waste from Landfill is very crucial for the well being of the planet and the future of our children. Sustainable life always starts with everyone doing their proper recycling. 

The team at Earth Waste Management is ready to help you achieve our composting and recycling goals. 

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Food waste recycling

Why Us

We offer great flexiblity

  • No contractual obligation 

  • Pay on a month to month basis 

  • Fast services set up 

  • 24/7 customer support service 

  • Wheelie bins supply at no extra cost to you

  • Flexible schedule 

organic waste disposal

Earth Waste Management collects food wastes and other organic materials from your property and send them to recycling. We service government agencies, commercial buildings, restaurants & hotels, and shopping malls. 

We understand the challenging economical situation in Alberta so we allow you pay your bills on month to month basis. 


As a client you will be receiving two organic waste wheelie bins at no extra cost. Our wheelie bin sizes are 95 gallon, 64 gallon, and 35 gallon. We carry both European Grip style and America Grip Style. There will be one time charge for bin delivery . 

If you need more than two bins, we will supply them at no extra cost. The delivery fee is chargeable per bin. 

organic waste recycling calgary
food wast recycling
organic waste bins

Service frequencies 

Earth Waste Management offers very flexible green waste solutions for business owners. Our team services kitchens as follows: twice a week, once a week, and twice a month to empty your bins. 

Once you choose our green waste management services, we will take care of all logistics, haulage, and control the entire collection and recycling process so that you focus on our business growth.  

Service frequencies

Why recycle your organic waste

Food wastes and green wastes can be recycled and diverted from landfill to be reused as renewable energy. Earth Waste Management has a compost waste recycling programs that will have significant and positive impact on your business:

  1. Reduce waste cost by separating heavy food from general waste bins

  2. Diverting food waste and green waste will help save the environment 

  3. The recycling of organic waste prevents the production of methane that results from wastes being dumped on landfills. 

  4. The diverted compost will be used to create useful products such as biofertilizers.

organic waste recycling
food waste recycling
why recycle organic waste

Commercial Eco Recycling Systems

commercial Eco Recycling System

Are you looking for a sustainable solution that helps you recycle 100% of your food waste naturally ? If yes, then our commercial Eco Recycling System is a great choice for you. 

using the Eco Recycling System for your compost means you are no longer going to dump your organic waste into landfill. 

The Eco Recycling system converts your food waste into nutrients used as soil fertilizer. This reduces greenhouse gas emission (in particular Methane which is produced by rotting organic wastes)

Anytime a Kilogram of food waste is dumped into landfill a 900 gram of Methane is generated

The Eco Recycling System uses a commercial Eco Recycling bin that is designed for commercial and gardens use. The process can recycle up to 100% of your food waste without the need to use energy or heat.Also no bad odour is produced. 

How Does It Work
  • Add your food waste into your Eco Recycling Green Bin 

  • Then add small amount of Bokashi into the bin and seal the lid. the Bokashi is used for the fermentation process. 

  • Repeat the process until the bin is full. It takes about 4 weeks to fill the bin 

  • Dump the content of teh bin into the soil of your garden or farm. Within a month the content gets converted into rich soil fertilizer 

Eco Bokashi Fermentation 

Why use the Eco Bokashi Recycling System:

  • No energy or heat is used. The process is natural 

  • You will never have to dump your food waste into landfill again

  • Recycle 100% of your organic waste naturally 

  • Achieve zero greenhouse emission 

  • Reduce your waste biomass by less than 10%

  • Promote sustainable l

The Eco Bokashi Fermentation process is translated to fermentation of organic materials. This unique Japanese system help you recycle 100% of your organic waste. 

The whole process uses Bokashi to ferment food waste inside an air tight green bin. This process is environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and uses no evergy or heat

Eco Bokashi Fermentation

What Organic Recyclable Items Do We Accept

Help us protect the environment by diverting your food wastes into reusable energy

Reliable      Sustainable      Cost-Effective     Efficient      Flexible

To speak with an expert to discuss the specific needs of your business call us today at +1 587.707.4333 or email us at

Acceptable Items

Acceptable solid and liquid waste streams:

Food Left overs


Out of date Food waste


Meat and Fish


All dairy Products


Bakery Products


Tea bags and coffee grounds


Liquid food waste


Bulk packaged food waste




General household waste


Construction Waste


Hazardous Waste


Wood and Glass


Plastic and Polystyrene


Cardboard and Papers


Animal Waste


Bio-hazardous waste




composing recycling
green waste recycling

Compost Collection Services

Compost collection services

Earth Waste Management can provide collection of your food waste and green wastes. A customized collection service can be tailored to meet your business needs. Our compost recycling program is reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable. 

We can supply various compost recycling bins and containers that suite your waste volume generation. We can supply small wheelie bins for offices and hospitality businesses. or large four wheeled bins for real estates, shopping centers, and large commercial areas .

Earth Waste Management can provide commercially attractive rates when it comes to green waste collection and recycling. 

composting collection services

Green Waste Collection & Recycling Management 

We do our best to find an efficient and cost-effective solution to help you recycling your green waste. Whether you are operating a small restaurant or a commercial office, we have an option for you.

Compost waste Bins Options

We offer both American and European Grip style compost bins.We supply the following organic waste bins: 32 gallon, 64 gallon, and 95 gallon. Based on how much space you have to store the bins, we can recommend an effective solution for your business. 

64 gallon European Grip
composting collection
64 gallon American Grip
composting collectio services
32 gallon American Grip
95 gallon American Grip
32 gallon European Grip
95 gallon European Grip

Wheelie Bins

Earth Waste Management can provide a wide range of organic waste containers including European and American Grip Styles.

The advantage of using Wheelie bins: 

  • Wheelie bin can be moved around easily and sited close to where waste is produced. 

  • Because of their flexible sizes, wheelie bins can be installed in small space.

  • Wheelie bins can be used both indoor and outdoor 

  • They can be moved by one person 

  • Wheelie bins are suitable to be used by all industries 

Green bin options

Why Choose our services

  • You can pay on a month to month basis

  • we set up your green system upon short notice 

  • We offer flexible collection options 

  • We supply green bins at no extra cost to you

  • Your service includes personal account management 

  • We will provide you with annual report showing how much food you have recycled

  • We offer 24/7 customer support service 

  • As a client you are eligible to to participate in our corporate discount program. 

  • We will help you choose the right size and pick up frequencies that suit your business

  • We allow you to add or reduce bins and collection frequencies so that you pay only for what you need.

Why chose our services

Our organic waste recycling program is sustainable way to help protect the environment and increase the productivity of your fram and garden

Sale Process 

  1. Once you request an organic waste disposal quote, our business development manager will contact you to learn more about your business needs. 

  2. we will recommend bin sizes and pick up frequency that meet your requirements and budget 

  3. If you are happy to proceed with the plan, we sill deliver your bins and start the service . 

  4. We offer 24/7 customer support service 

Request A Free organic waste recycling Quote
Sales Process
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