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Integrated Waste Management Services

Earth Waste Management provides a wide range of professional services ,field services, technical and support services in the Oil & Gas industry in Canada. We have the expertise, resources, and capabilities to help clients plan, execute, monitor & control, and close their projects successfully.

+1 (800) 280-1725

The team at Earth Waste Management brings sustainability, excellence, and innovation to your projects. We work closely with your team to ensure there always value added throughout the lifecycle of your projects.

At Earth Waste Management we believe that access to clean water, pure air, and healthy living space is a human right. Together we can work to achieve that

Our integrated Waste Management (IWM) division plans and executes challenging industrial, hazardous, and environmental waste management projects to ensure your waste is managed and disposed of in a way that it reduces impact on human health and the environmental as a whole.

Using our integrated Waste Management Solutions, your organization can benefit from the following: 

  • Helps to reduce your facility maintenance cost, waste collection and disposal costs, and cost of waste management .

  • Manage and dispose of your hazardous and biohazardous wastes and stay compliant with rules and regulations.

  • Reduce any negative impact your wastes can have on the environment. 

  • Save management time, save in labour costs, by using sole-source waste management and environmental services provider. 

  • Once you become our client, you will automatically be eligible to participate in our corporate savings program. This program allows you to save on various services offered by our group of companies which are  Earth Waste Management Ltd, HEALTH Cleaning and Support Services, Koraxx Sustainable Construction Inc.

Using our capabilities, equipment, and expertise, we can help you manage all of your waste management and environmental projects successfully. 

Our team of professionals  collaborates with your team and clients to provide a full range of integrated management of all of your waste streams in Canada.

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