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When it comes to your waste management needs, you can count on our team. We provide full range integrated waste management services for commercial and residential clients. 

Earth Waste Management is a national Waste Management Company based in Calgary,Alberta. EWM offers General Waste collection , Medical Waste Disposal, Paper and Cardboard Recycling, Hazardous Waste Collection & disposal, Liquid Waste disposal, bio-medical waste , documents destruction, and Cleaning Services. Earth Waste Management services all cities within Alberta. Our pricing is competitive, our team is trained , and our customer support representative are available , for 24/7, to help you. 

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Competitive Pricing

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  • Safe and reliable services 

  • 24/7 customer support  line 

  • competitive pricing 

  • Well trained and screened crew members 

  • On-site and off-site Management teams

  • Flexible plans that allow you to pay only for what you need

  • you can create your own plan and schedule 

This service is for all of your general unrecyclable waste disposal. Earth Waste Management can supply you waste bins that meet your business needs. We offer collection and disposal plans for small and large size business as well as for home owner  and construction contractors. 

Earth Waste Management  offers Paper & Cardboard recycling services in Calgary. We accept all types of paper and Cardboard from your business, home, warehouse, factory or school. create your own schedule and pay only for what you need. we will supply recycling bin that best suit your business needs.

Commingled recycling services is for recycling Plastic and Glass Bottles, Steel and Aluminum Can. Earth Waste Management carries recycling bins in a range of sizes. We can supply one or more bins that will suit your business needs. Ask our experts to help you choose a recycling service plan.

Earth Waste Management offers secure and confidential documents destruction services that include on-site and off-site paper shredding services and electronic waste (e-waste) Service Earth Waste Management carries secure consoles in a variety of sizes. Customized and flexible plans to meet your business needs

This service is for all of your hazardous waste that can not be disposed in a regular landfill and require special packaging, treatment and transportation. We  dispose commercial, residential and industrial hazardous waste. EWM can supply drums and all other tools required to safely dispose your waste

Earth Waste Management Provides hazardous medical waste and biomedical waste services in Alberta. We can supply all containers and tools needed to safely dispose your medical and biomedical waste. EWM offers flexible plans for small and large size businesses. you can create your own schedule and pay only for what you need.


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