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Recycling Services

Earth Waste Management offers sustainable and cost-effective dry-Mixed Recycling Services to clients in Calgary, Alberta. Our waste management team can help you choose a recycling plan that will meet your business recycling needs. 

recycling services
Recycling Collection Services

Earth Waste Management is a national company specializing in Waste Management, Commercial , Residential, and Industrial cleaning Services. EWM can provide collection of your commingled recyclables from your facilities. We can supply one or more recycling bins that tailored to your business' needs.

Earth Waste Management has Recycling solutions for small size businesses and corporations. you can create and customize your own collection schedule and pay only for what your business needs.

Our commingled recycling programs will reduce your recycling cost , time and efforts. This type of recycling helps make the recycling process faster and easier for your team. All recyclable materials are put together in the same collection container.

Economical Dry-Mixed Recycling Services

Recycling Services in Calgary

What We Accept

  • Organic Waste Recycling Services

  • Paper & Cardboard Recycling Services

  • Plastic Recycling Services

  • Commingled Recycling Services

  • Green and Composting Recycling

  • Recycling and Waste Assessments

  • Recycling Bins rental

  • Bottles and Cans Recycling

Recycling Services 24/7

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