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medical waste disposal services

Medical Waste Management

Safe     Cost-effective     Reliable     Sustainable

To speak with an expert to discuss the specific needs of your Medical Waste Disposal call us today at +1 587.707.4333 or email us at

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Safe  Medical Waste Disposal

Earth Waste Management will come to you and pick up your medical waste. 

To Speak with an expert call us Today at +1 587.707.4333

Earth Waste Management offers safe , cost-effective, and convenient medical waste disposal services in Alberta. We have solutions for private doctors, Medical Clinics, Hospitals, Dental Clinics, and Veterinary Clinics.  Our Medical waste disposal services include the following :

  • Sharps and Syringes Disposal 

  • Clinical Waste Disposal 

  • Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal 

  • Animal Waste Disposal 

  • Laboratory Waste Disposal 

  • Cytotoxic Waste Disposal 

medical waste disposal services

Economical Medical waste Disposal Services

medical waste management services
medical waste disposal services
medical waste management services
medical waste disposal services

Sharps & Needles Disposal

Clinical Waste Disposal Service

Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

Earth Waste Management provides Sharps disposal services in Calgary and all cities within Alberta. We can supply and deliver and pickup your Sharps containers with one phone call . Why hire us ?

  • Safe Sharps disposal Services

  • One stop deliver and pickup

  • schedule your own pick up 

  • pay only for what you need 

  • Our pricing is very competitive 

Our experts are available to help you with your sharp disposal . Call us today

Our Clinical Waste disposal services offer great solutions for health care professionals to dispose of their biohazard waste safely. Earth Waste Management can help your Clinic dispose of its sharps,  human tissue waste, and laboratory waste.

We can supply approved medical waste bins that suit your facility needs. 

A scheduled pick up program is available but you can also create your own schedule and pay only for what you need. A 24/7 customers support service is available 

Our pharmaceutical waste disposal program helps pharmacies and drugs manufacturers dispose of their pharmaceutical waste safely and in accordance with the federal rules and regulations. these wastes include Vaccine waste, Medicinal waste, cyto waste and control Drugs. 

No binding contract is needed. customize your own pharmaceutical waste disposal program and pay only for what you need. Our team is ready to help you meet your disposal needs .

medical waste management services

Veterinary Waste Disposal

Earth Waste Management can help you dispose of your Veterinary Waste properly and in a way that would protect people, Animals, and the Environment. 

Keeping up with all the rules, regulations and and changes in the industry can be very tedious at times. At Earth Waste Management we have great solutions for your animal waste. Our Veterinary waste disposal is simple, safe, and cost-effective . 

We will come to you and pick up your veterinary waste . All you need to do is call our customer support service and ask for a pick up.

medical waste disposal services

Laboratory Waste Disposal

General Laboratory waste include all waste generated in the Lab. Gloves, wipes, lab plastic, and bins. General laboratory waste may or may not be contaminated but it needs to be treated to render it safe. Broken Laboratory glass can be very dangerous ;therefore, a proper disposal procedure needs to be followed .

Earth Waste Management can help dispose of your Laboratory waste safely. 

We can supply approved containers and bin for your laboratory waste . 

medical waste management services

Cytotoxic Waste Disposal

Cytotoxic medicine is defined as any drug that has toxic effects on cells. Most medical wastes are classified as biohazardous but Cytotoxic waste is classifed as hazardous waste ;therefore, an extremely cautious procedure needs to be followed in handling of these types of waste. 

At Earth Waste Management we can help you to appropriately deal with managing and disposing of your Cytotoxic waste. 

Our disposal program is safe and cost-effective.  We can supply approved containers for storing and disposing of your cytotoxic waste.

Why Choose Earth Waste Medical disposal Services?

  • No binding Contract is required to dispose of your medical waste 

  • Our Medical Waste disposal service is safe and cost-effective 

  • Our employees are trained, screened, and Uniformed 

  • We will come to you to pick your medical waste containers 

  • We can supply as many medical waste container as you need 

  • Our customer service support team is available for 24/7

Contact Us today to dispose of your Medical Waste 

By phone at +1 587.707.4333  or by email at

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