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product recall management

Product Recall Management

Protect Your Brand     Protect Your Reputation     Stay Compliant     Prevent Long Term Loses 

products recall managemet

Our Product Recall Team

Our products Recall Management team will work closely with you to find a safe, efficient, and cost-effective solution that ensures your recalled product brand and businesses reputation are not jeopardized. 

At Earth Waste Management we believe that a product recall does not have to be destructive to your business if managed properly. Our products recall program can help your business resolve the issue in a constructive way.

Product Recall Services

If you product is found to impose safety risks , a product recall might be necessary to prevent injuries to your consumers.

Earth Waste Management Ltd offers comprehensive product recall services for manufacturers and food production facilities  in Canada. Our products recall management team is ready to help you manage the entire process , save time and money , and stay compliant with provincial and federal regulations. 

Our products recall services Include: 

  • Informing the relevant Authority of the issue and risks 

  • stopping the supply of the defective recalled products 

  • warning your consumers of the hazard the product presents 

  • offering the consumers remedy options including repair, replacement, and refund

  • Destruction of the recalled products

  • Certificate of destruction for the recalled products

product recall services
product recall services

Product Recall Management

Product Recall and Crisis situation can have very negative impact on your business. As a manufacturer if there is an issue with the safety of your product, you are responsible for making arrangement for its replacement, repair , or refund for the consumers. Our Product Recall Management team can help!

To stay compliant with provincial and federal regulations, as the manufacturer of the recalled products you are required to do the following:

  • Contact individuals or companies who purchased your defective and recalled products

  • Conduct Recall Advertisement 

  • Tell consumers what are you doing to remedy the issue 

This process can be lengthy and expensive. The good news is that Earth Waste Management Products Recall program is designed to help clients protect their business brand and reputation, save time and money, and stay compliant with rules and regulations.

Recall Management

On-site Recall Technical Services

Earth Waste Management offers professional and cost-effective onsite product recall technical services. The goal of this service is to help you repair or replace the recalled defective products of your consumers on their sites. 

We will send our skilled technicians to your consumers' site to repair and reinstall their products. This service includes the following:

  • Notice of repair or replacement to your consumers 

  • Onsite repair of the recalled defective product

  • Onsite assembly and installation of the replaced products 

  • Delivery Services

  • Collection and disposal of the defective products 

  • Inspection Services 

  • Warranties 

  • Special Field Services 

  • Certificate of destruction 

  • 24/7 customer support service

Recall technical service

Product Recall Logistic Support

At Earth Waste Management our Products Recall Management team will work closely with your team to ensure that you brand is protected, your recalled products are transported safely and disposed of or recycled properly. We normally provide a certificate of destruction. Our Products Recall Logistics Services include the following: 

  • Collection of your recalled Products 

  • Secure storage of the recalled Products

  • Shipping and handling of affected products 

  • Distribution of replacement Products 

  • Project Management and Coordination 

  • Destruction of the recalled Products 

  • Onsite technical support 

  • Employees mobility support 

  • Recalled Products Certificate of Destruction 

  • 24/7 Customers support Services 

products recall services
Logistics support

Recalled Product Destruction Services

Products Destruction

  • Recalled Products Collection

  • Recalled Products Destruction

  • Products Recall Onsite technical service

  • Products Recall Support Services

  • Recall Advertisement Solutions 

  • Products Recall Management 

  • Products Logistics Services 

  • Recall Security Services 

  • Products Recall Storage solutions 

  • Recalled Products Progress Report 

  • Certificate of Destruction 


  • Food Production 

  • Medical Products 

  • Automotive 

  • Sporting Good 

  • Machinery & Tools 

  • Oil & Gas Industry 

  • Beauty & Personal Care 

  • Petrochemical Products 

  • Chemicals Products 

  • Industrial Products 

  • Manufacturing 

product recall

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Recalled product destruction
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Product Recall Advertisement 

As a manufacturer if you discovered that your products may impose safety risks to your consumers and the public, you are advised to conduct a products recall to avoid injuries to your customers.

Recall advertisement is an effective way to warn consumers of the hazards your products presents. If your products are sold in multiple markets or you are unable to identify your customers, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional Products Recall Management Company. 

Earth Waste Management has an extensive experience in planning and executing Products Recall Projects. Our team of experts can help you reach out to your consumers and warn them of the hazards your product presents. Earth Waste Management Products Recall Advertisement program is designed to assist you save money & time, protect your brand reputation, and stay compliant with provincial and federal regulations. 

The following information will be included in the products recall notice to your consumers:

  • Recalled product description 

  • Pictures of the recalled products 

  • Description of the defects 

  • A statement of the hazard 

  • What remedy options are available 

  • Contact Information 

product recall management
Recall Advertisement

Product Recall Strategy 

Earth Waste Management Product Recall team can help you develop a sustainable and professional Recall strategy that is effective and economically sound .

Our Recall strategy takes into account the following factors:

  • Results of hazard evaluation 

  • Ease in identification of the products 

  • Degree to which the products' deficiency is obvious to the consumer or user 

  • Degree to which the product remains unused in the market-place 

  • Coninuted availability of essential products 

Before implementation, the Recall strategy needs to be approved by the relevant authority. Our team will work with your team closely to ensure that your recall strategy is approved and ready to be executed 

Recall Strategy

Product Recall Status Report 

As the recalling company you are required to submit periodic recall status reports to the relevant authority. Progress report must be submitted every two to four weeks depending on the province regulation. At Earth Waste Management our product recall management team will prepare these reports and present them to the authority on behalf of your company. We aim at helping you save time & money and stay complaint with regulations. The following information will be included in your status reports: 

product recall services
  • Number of consignees notified of the recall, date of notice, and method of notification

  • Number of clients responding to the recall notice and how many of the recalled products have been repaired or replaced for the customers

  • Number of clients that didn't respond to the recall notice 

  • Progress reports on the effectiveness of the recall notice 

  • Estimated time frames for the completion of the Recall 

  • Remedy options available for consumers 

To speak with an expert call us today by phone at +1 (587) 707-4333 or by

E-mail at

Recall Status Report

Termination of Recall Notice

Your recall campaign will be ended when the relevant authority determines that reasonable efforts have been made to correct the issue. Based on results of the progress report, Our Product Recall Management team will submit a Recall termination notice, on behalf of your company, to the government to end the recall notice. 

For more information contact our expert by phone at +1 (587) 707-4333

Recall termination

Record Keeping Requirements

If you decide to initiate a Recall on manufactured or imported devices on your own, without being asked by the government, you must maintain records of the recalled products. 

Earth Waste Management Products Recall team can help you organize and manage your recall records safely and professionally. 

We use the latest technology in creating your records archives, storing your files, and make them available to stakeholders who are allowed access to the documents.

Our records keeping archives contain the following information: 

  • The recalled product brand name, common name, classification, product code, and intended use of the product

  • Model of the recalled product, catalog, and other identification numbers 

  • Description of the recalled product 

  • Records of communication with consumers about the recalled products, and method used to remedy the issue 

  • Records of communication the with product recall Authority 

  • Lessons learned from the recall process 

Record Keeping

Product Recall Procedure 

Our Product Recall Procedure aims at providing policy, definition, roles & responsibilities, and simple steps to initiate, review, classify, publish, audit & inspect, and end recall actions.

Our products Recall Procedure consist of the following points:

  • Planning of the Recall Enterprise System 

  • Initiation of the Recall

  • Recall classification and strategy 

  • Notification & public warning 

  • Monitoring and auditing recall effectiveness 

  • Recall termination 

  • Products Recall Records Keeping

  • Lessons Learnt and documentation   

Recall Profcedure

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