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To discuss the specific needs of your Lawn Maintenance Call us today +1 587.707.4333

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Lawn Maintenance Services

lawn care services calgary
lawn care calgary
lawn care services calgary

Grounds Maintenance Management

Earth Waste Management is a Professional provider of Grounds Maintenance and Commercial Landscape Management Services. We offer a wide range of Lawn care and treatment services to provide you with a healthy and professional looking Lawn. Our grounds maintenance team can work with you to meet your specification and project needs or work on a solution tailor-made to your requirements. 

Our services include Lawn care and turf management, commercial and residential landscape management, tree works, weed control and hedge maintenance, pest control, soil improvement, trash pick up, Porter Services, fencing, and General repairs .

At Earth Waste Management we count everyone in! whether you own a small business, home , or corporation we have a solution for your Lawn and Garden. We can provide a regular garden and Lawn Maintenance or perform a simple one time service. 

lawn mowing services calgary

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Residential Landscape Management
Lawn Care and Turf Management
General Garden Management
Hedging and Pruning
Weed Control Mangement
Gutterguaurd Clean Ups
Lawn Pest Control
Top Dressing Solutions
Soil Improvement
Trash and Recycling Pick up
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We Are A Professional Lawn Care Service Provider 

To discuss the specific needs of your Lawn Care Contact Us at +1 587.707.4333 or email us at

Our professional lawn care services is listed below

Lawn Mowing Services

lawn mowing services calgary

We provide professional and cost-effective lawn mowing  services for small business, corporations and householders. Our lawn cut provides the best finish for your lawn including edging of the entire area of your lawn and garden. 

Our lawn care program will help keep your lawn green free from moss and weeds and provide your business with good first impressions. 

What makes our lawn car program competitive is that it's professionally done and no binding contract agreement is required. Create your own mowing schedule and pay only for what you need.

General Garden Maintenance

lawn maintenance calgary

Get ready for summer

lawn maintenace calgary
  • Cost-Effective Solution

  • Simple and Easy

  • Safe and Reliable 

  • 24/7 Customer support

  • Sustainable 

  • High Quality 

Are you a supplier or subcontractor who  wants to do business with us ? 

Call us at +1 587.707.4333 or email us at

For all of your garden maintenance and lawn care needs our team is ready to help

Earth Waste Management offers full garden maintenance services for home owners, real estate agencies, businesses ,parks and governmental offices. A well maintained garden will provide your property an attractive look and increases its appeal to your employees, clients and the Public. Our garden and lawn care maintenance packages are flexible and designed to meet your budget constrains. Whether you have a small yard or a playground , we have the right solution for you. 

At Earth Waste Management customers' satisfaction is our number one priority; hence, high quality service, cost-effectiveness, transparency , and long relationships with our clients is one of our sustainability goals. We can tailor a garden maintenance package to meet your garden and lawn care needs or simply you can request a once off visit.

Commercial Lawn Care

Our commercial lawn care program is designed for Real Estate Agents, Property development businesses, and Commercial Property Managers. the maintenance ,quality and health of lawns and grassed areas of gives either negative or positive impression to your property. For a vibrant commercial areas, a well maintained lawn that looks green and sustainable can attract more clients and other business to you. 

Our Lawn care team can help you maintained a very healthy and attractive lawn and garden while reducing cost of labor and material. No binding contract is required to hire a service from us.

lawn maintenance calgary
lawn care calgary

Residential Lawn Care

Earth Waste Management is the specialist in residential lawn care. A green , healthy, and great looking lawn is what we help you achieve. Our home lawn care team will assist you reduce cost while maintaining quality lawn and garden. 

Our lawn care and garden services cover the full spectrum of grounds keeping, including mowing, edging, weed control, clean ups, and soil improvement.  You can create your own lawn care schedule and pay only for what you need. We are professional ,friendly , and respectful to your home , lawn and garden. 

Garden Clean Ups

sustainable lifestyle is what we aim to achieve for your clients. Cleanliness, health, and green garden and lawn are very important factors to be considered when evaluating your property. Whether you are planning to sell, rent, or live in your property , we can help you keep your garden and lawn rubbish-free. Our lawn care and garden maintenance team will be very happy to help you clean your garden and lawn while reducing cost of cleaning. 

Our garden and lawn cleaning service includes rubbish and leaf collection and removal, recycling , waste management, and hazardous waste removal and disposal. 

lawn care services calgary
lawn mowing services calgary

Hedging  and Pruning

Hedges maintenance has a positive impact on your property. Well maintained hedges give your garden an urban and attractive look. They also form beautiful structures, create spaces, and protect your privacy. Our hedging and pruning service includes hedging, pruning, and trimming of roses, plants, shrubs, and trees. A good looking and healthy garden requires a continuous maintenance. Our hedging and pruning program also includes the removal of small shrubs and trees.

Earth Waste Management hedging and pruning team is ready to help you get an urban landscape look for your garden and lawn areas. call us today.


Earth Waste Management garden and lawn maintenance program not only include mowing, hedging and pruning, but also clearing your Gutters to avoid water build ups and overflow that may cause sever damage to your roof and house. 

Our home project team will help you safely finish your projects and save time and more money. Our team has the expertise , tools, and equipment needed to ensure that your gutters are cleaned and maintained regularly.   

Let us help you increase the value of your property by avoiding any damages to your home resulting from snow and water build up on your gutters.

lawn maintenance services calgary
lawn management calgary

Weed and pest Control

  • Pest Control Services 

  • Chemical Pest Control 

  • Non-Chemical Pest Control 

  • Exterior Pest Control 

  • Interior Pest Control 

  • Trees Maintenance 

Our lawn care program includes weed and disease control. we will make sure your garden is weed-free . part of our regular maintenance program is to ensure that all unwanted plants are removed from your garden. We achieve this by carefully using the safest weed sprays. 

Soil To Dressing

Top dressing is the application of soils or organic material to the surface of your lawn. This is usually done to improve the quality of soil which in return will improve the quality of your lawn. 

To dressing will make your lawn area even and flat. it consist of mixture of minerals and it can be organic material or just sand, silt, and Clay. 

Upon investigating your lawn area, our team can determine what type of top dressing material is suitable for your lawn. 

lawn care services calgary

We Are A Professional Lawn Care Service Provider 

To discuss the specific needs of your Lawn Care Contact Us at +1 587.707.4333 or email us at

High Quality    Cost-Effective     Sustainable     Reliable 

Why hire our lawn care services?

  • We provide professional and cost-effective lawn mowing  services for small business, corporations and householders. Our lawn cut provides the best finish for your lawn including edging of the entire area of your lawn and garden. 

  • We are flexible. No binding contract is needed to hire or lawn care service 

  • Our employees are screened, trained, uniformed and friendly 

  • We have a 24/7 customer support service available to you 

  • Our customers will have access to an online portal that allows them to view invoices, reports, file complaints, and order new services

  • At Earth Waste Management we offer equal employment opportunities to everyone . 

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