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Facility Decommissioning Services

National leader in sustainable and  compliant facility and plant decommissioning services. Our team of professionals, technicians, and skilled workers can help you decommission and close your projects safely and in accordance with industry best practices .

Government Client

Oil & Gas/ Mining / Industrial

Building / Transportation 

Infrastructure / Water/ Waste

Earth Waste Management provides economical, safe, innovative, and regulatory-compliant facility and plant decommissioning and closure services in Canada. Our wide range of decommissioning services are offered to both private and public clients. Below is list of services we offer across the country:

  • Existing Facility documentation review

  • Resource Conversion and Recovery

  • Hazardous Waste Management 

  • Radioactive/Nuclear Waste Disposal 

  • Environmental Remediation 

  • Scarp Metals Processing & Recycling 

  • Dismantling & Management of Heavy Equipment 

  • Structure Demolition 

  • Site Characterization, assessment, and clearance 

  • Dangerous Goods Transportation 

  • Equipment Disconnection and decommissioning 

  • General Cleaning and Decontamination 

  • Regulatory Compliance 

  • Records keeping 

Contact Us

+1 (800) 280-1725

Mailing Address

Earth Waste Management Ltd.
P.O.Box 280
Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2H9
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