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Commercial Cleaning Services

Progressive commercial cleaning solutions founded on solid green and sustainable values

To discuss your business cleaning needs and requirements, please contact our office by telephone at +1 (587) 707-4333 or by E-mail at

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commercial cleaning calgary


commercial cleaning services

 We Carry 5,000,000 Liability Insurance

Sustainable Cleaning Services

Our team is excited to work with you and ready to deliver the highest quality of cleanliness possible for your business. We can supply cleaning products that help achieve your sustainability goals

We are good listeners! To discuss the specific cleaning needs and requirement for your business, our experts are ready to help. You can call , Text, or Send an e-mail to us.

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Welcome to our commercial cleaning page

Earth Waste Management is a well-established national company that offers commercial cleaning services in Alberta, Saskatchewan , and British Colombia. Our head office is based in Calgary, Alberta.

At Earth Waste Management we deliver excellence to your business! Our commercial cleaning team will deliver high quality standards of cleaning services and maintenance to an expanding customer base. This high quality commercial cleaning program is designed to promote healthy living, increase productivity, boost indoor air quality, and reduce risks of disease infections. We can help you make your already reputable business even more attractive. 

We listen! We understand! and We deliver the best results! . The team at Earth Waste Management listens carefully to clients commercial cleaning needs and requirement, finds smart and cost-effective solutions, and implement a safe and professional procedure to meet and exceed expectations.

Progressive Commercial Cleaning Solutions

We provide professional Cleaning Services based on sustainable values

We cater for a wide range of businesses and industries in Alberta. We offer an all-In-One Services that are cost-effective and high quality

commercial cleaning services calgary
commercial cleaning services calgary

Our Progressive commercial cleaning solutions aim at helping your business stay complaint with occupational health and safety, committed to protect the environment , and ensure all Canadians and legible foreign workers get equal employment opportunities. 

The progressive commercial cleaning program uses cleaning products and equipment that are eco-logo certified. With this cleaning program your health always  comes first and the cleanliness of your building second. 

We understand how important is to keep your office spotless clean. This high quality progressive commercial cleaning program was designed to make your building , from wall to wall, spotless clean and customer's friendly. 

Earth Waste Management will supply skilled, screened, reliable, and well-trained commercial cleaners who will respect your premises while delivering a top notch commercial cleaning services.Our cleaning team is  instructed in the proper use of keys, security codes, locked areas, and doors with alarm systems.

Earth Waste Management offers a wide range of commercial cleaning services for small businesses, corporations, Restaurants, Healthcare facilities, Warehouses, Schools , and government buildings. You can choose either the regular progressive commercial cleaning program or the High performance green commercial cleaning program. Both programs can be tailored to meet your cleaning  budget .

Customized commercial cleaning solutions

Create your own cleaning schedule and pay only for what your business needs!

To speak with a commercial cleaning expert , call us today at 587.707.4333 or email us at

We offer 24/7 customer support services and an online customer portal accessible to you at no extra cost. 

cleaning services calgary

Catering for a wide range of small businesses, corporations, schools, hospitals, and other industries, we understand that each project is unique and that is why our experienced sales and managers will work closely with your team to develop a sustainable and cost effective commercial cleaning solutions specific to your requirements. 

We are honest, transparent, reliable, and proactive. We listen to your requirements and execute accordingly . Try us today!

Useful Facts

“Eighty percent of all common illnesses are spread by hand to mouth, nose and eye contact” says Dr Charles Gerba, professor of environmental microbiology at the University of Arizona in Tucson

This means cleaning your washrooms with utmost care is not just a good habit but it prevents illnesses from reaching you through cross-contamination.  

commercial cleaning calgary
Full building Cleaning
commercial cleaning calgary
Window Cleaning
commercial cleaning calgary
Ground Maintenance
commercial cleaning calgary
Lawn & Garden Care
commercial cleaning services calgary
Ceiling Cleaning
commercial cleaning services calgary
Janitorial Services
commercial cleaning calgary
Office Cleaning
commercial cleaning calgary
Floors Cleaning

Comprehensive commercial cleaning packages 

We are flexible! you can choose to hire us to clean only floors or a full building 

With our commercial cleaning services you don't need to sign a long term binding contractual agreement . Order any cleaning service and the team is ready  to serve you and meet your expectations. 

At Earth Waste Management we work hard to give you the best.

Healthcare Facilities Cleaning Services

Our team is committed to helping you achieve the best and safe cleaning outcome. 

For Liquid and Hazardous waste cleaning, visit our hazardous waste page.

healthcare facility

Earth Waste Management healthcare cleaning program was designed to deliver high-quality, effective , safe , and clean healthcare environment. This sustainable cleaning program aims at supporting the control of healthcare associated infections and make a positive contribution to healthcare outcomes. 

We understand that the cleanliness of healthcare premises is an important part of the overall health of your patients and visitors, we have developed a comprehensive healthcare cleaning programs , checklists , and processes for every aspect of your building to ensure that cleanliness, sustainability, safety , and in-door air quality standards are met. 

Our team is committed to keeping and maintaining your facility clean and free of harmful bacteria and germs. We only send in cleaners who are trained, screened, competent , and know what to do in your facility. 

commercial cleaning services calgary

Retail Stores and Hospitality Cleaning Services

High Quality      Cost-Effective      Sustainable      Safe      Flexible      Professional 

You can customized your own cleaning schedule and pay only for what you need. We are open for 24/7.

retail and hospitality
commercial cleaning services calgary

For clothing outlet stores, grocery stores, hotels, restaurants , and furniture stores the cleanliness of your store is the first impression your visitors will have. It is the foundation of your overall brand reputation and your growth.  Earth Waste Management can help you achieve the highest level of cleanliness possible to maintain a healthy and good looking store.

Our commercial cleaning program has been helping retail stores, restaurants, warehouses and other premises meet their cleaning goals and requirements. Whether you operate small, medium, or large shopping center, Earth Waste Management cleaning commercial program has a cost-effective solution for you. 

We offer a wide rang e of retail commercial cleaning services including full premises cleaning, windows cleaning, ceiling cleaning, power washing, floor cleaning and maintenance, and loading dock cleaning. 

Schools and Colleges Cleaning Solutions

A 24/7 customer support service  is available to you. We can also provide security services 

To discuss the specific needs of your school call us today at +1 587.707.4333 or email us at

school and colleges

High-quality, cost-effective, sustainable, and safe commercial cleaning service is what Earth Waste Management offers for your school. This service is offered for small schools, large schools, private and public schools. Daycare and kindergarten are also included. 

Our commercial cleaning team will work with you to tailor a comprehensive cleaning program that promotes health and safety , protects the well being of your students and teachers, and helps maintain the reputation of your school. 

At Earth Waste Management we use commercial cleaning chemicals that are eco-logo certified. The cleaning chemicals we used are non-toxic and have no negative influence to your health. We will supply material safety data sheet MSDS for all chemicals that to used in your facilities along with cleaning methods and procedures for each section of your building . 

commercial cleaning calgary

Warehouses and Factories Cleaning Services

To speak with an expert to discuss the specific needs of your warehouse call us at +1 587.707.4333
warehouses and factories
commercial cleaning calgary

Are you looking for a cost-effective, high-quality, sustainable, and safe commercial cleaning services for your warehouse or factory ? Earth Waste Management can help!

We provide a wide range of commercial cleaning solutions for warehouses and factories. these cleaning solutions are designed to destroy bacteria and germs found on your office desks, kitchen counter-tops, toilets, high ceilings, and shipping and receiving areas. 

Beside the scheduled cleaning services, we can add to your services an annual or semi-annual floors maintenance services that will keep your floors like new . This includes scrubbing, machine buffing, and waxing .

Our commercial cleaning team can help you tailor a comprehensive  cleaning program that meets your warehouse needs. 

Below is a list of commercial cleaning services we offer

Bundle Services and save 10%

For Liquid and Hazardous waste cleaning, visit our hazardous waste page.

commercial cleaning list

Progressive Commercial Cleaning 

High performance green cleaning

Floors cleaning and manitenance

Commercial Window Cleaning

Janitorial Services 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Daily contract Cleaning

Public Washrooms Cleaning

Commercial Ceiling Cleaning

Loading Dock Cleaning

Full Building Cleaning 

Garden and lawn Cleaning

warehouse Cleaning

Glass Room Cleaning 

Graffiti Removal

Restaurants Cleaning

Handyman Services

Day Porter Services

Catering Events Cleaning

High pressure washing

Parking Lot Cleaning

Air duct cleaning

Biohazard cleaning

Floors Scrubbing and Waxing

Our Commercial cleaning Services & your health

Below is a list of Viruses that our commercial cleaning chemicals will destroy

As a client , your health and the health of your employees, customers, and visitors is our top priority. Our onsite and offsite commercial cleaning team will monitor the cleaning process to ensure that your property is clean, healthy , and good looking. 

We provide emergency response commercial cleaning services. This services don't include crime scene clean up.

commercial cleaning & your health
H1N1 Swine Flu
Influenza A2 Virus
Common Flu A2 Virus
Avian Flu H3N2
Salmonella Choleraesuis
Escherichia coli (E.coli)
Hepatitis C Virus
Rhinovirus Type 37
Norwalk Virus
Herpes Simplex I and II
Streptococcus pyogenes
Poliovirus Type 1
Shigella dysenteriae

Cross-Contamination Prevention 

What is cross-contamination?

Cross-contamination occurs when people spread germs from one surface to another simply by touch. Anytime you or your employees touch a surface, bacteria is transferred. and according to Michael Berry, research professor at the University of North Carolina, how long a someone touches the surface doesn't matter;you touch a surface , you have transferred a portion of the bacteria. 

Cross-contamination is a concern for all types of facilities ;therefore, the need for cleanliness is inherent in protecting yourself, your staff, and customers. Earth Waste Management uses powerful commercial cleaning products that are designed to destroy bacteria and germs generally found on surfaces of your desks, washrooms, kitchen , and other surfaces. 

How do we prevent cross-contamination?

Earth Waste Management will use a combinations of color-coded system and commercial cleaning chemicals that are specifically selected for your facility. The selection of chemicals depends on your facility surface type and color. 


Blue- Offices, Dinning Areas, Rooms & Hallways


Yellow- Storage Areas and Non-Infectious Areas


Red- Washrooms and Infectious Areas


Kitchen and Food Prep Areas

 Commercial cleaning outcome standards

Below is a list of Viruses that our commercial cleaning chemicals will destroy

As a client , your health and the health of your employees, customers, and visitors is our top priority. Our onsite and offsite commercial cleaning team will monitor the cleaning process to ensure that your property is clean, healthy , and good looking. 

We provide emergency response commercial cleaning services. This services don't include crime scene clean up.

Cleaning outcome standards

Earth Waste Management follows commercial cleaning standards that were design to minimize health risks  and cleaning costs while increasing productivity and promoting sustainable and healthy workplace. We work hard and continuously improve to meet these standards. Our commercial cleaning standards to be met are below:

  1. commercial cleaning quality standards 

  2. commercial cleaning frequency standards 

  3. commercial cleaning methods standards 

  4. commercial cleaning materials standards 

  5. commercial cleaning equipment standards 

  6. commercial cleaning health and safety standards 

  7. commercial cleaning sustainability standards 

  8. commercial cleaning response time standards

commercial cleaning services calgary

The commercial cleaning standards above are designed to meet the following goals: 

  1. They must help minimize the outbreak and spread of illnesses and infections in your facility 

  2. The primary focus remain your health and the health of your staff, customers, and visitors 

  3. The health and safety of the cleaners and passerby 

  4. They must help protect the environment 

  5. They must be designed to serve the  public interests 

  6. they must be understandable and attainable 

Managing the risks

Preventing Accidents and Incidents at our site is our top priority 

Earth Waste Management Commercial Cleaning Health and Safety Manual was designed to discover and minimize risks to zero.

Safe and healthy commercial cleaning practices is part of our code of conduct and believe system.

commercial cleaning calgary
cleaning outcome standards
managing the risk

Risk assessment

A zero-harm policy is a sustainability policy that Earth Waste Management  works very hard to achieve and sustain. Risk assessment can help prevent accidents and incidents in the workplace significantly. When it comes to commercial cleaning its our responsibility to undertake risk assessments of all activities, tasks, methods, and Procedures carried out by our employees. Earth Waste Management commercial cleaning division based its risk assessment process based on the following steps:


  1.  We identify hazard and hazardous materials

  2.  We decide who might be harmed and how 

  3. We evaluate the risks and introduce corrective and preventive actions 

  4. We Record our findings and implement them

  5. We review the assessment and update if necessary 

For healthcare commercial cleaning services,  Earth Waste Management onsite supervisors assess each task  risk and ensure the appropriate correction and preventive action should be incorporated into the method statement and into the technical training modules . Earth Waste Management requires that all its commercial cleaning supervisors to do the following :

  1. Ensure staff are working safely by monitoring safe working practices

  2. Ensure staff are trained sufficiently 

  3. Ensure sufficient materials and equipment are available to conduct cleaning safely and efficiently 

  4. Ensure cleaners are aware of health and accident reporting systems

  5. work with our clients to ensure the health and safely of their employees and our staff

  6. Ensure our employees are aware of the clients' health and safety procedures 

Health and Safety

Health and safety

The health and safety at work Act and the control of Substances hazardous to health regulations require all employees to follow safe written working practices;therefore, Earth Waste Management  has a written health and safety manual that was designed to teach employees how to work safely in your site. The  health and safety manual provides guidance and comprehensive training which all staff should be familiar with prior to carrying out any cleaning activities. As a responsible employer, the safety and well being of our commercial cleaning staff is our top priority. Our key tasks and responsibilities in various roles are as follows: 

  • Acknowledge and clearly show sustained commitment to the importance of health and safety at work​

  • Ensure that occupational health and safety systems and manual are in place to enable staff to work safely 

  • Make arrangements for the assessment of manual handling and other risks among commercial cleaning staff

  • Ensure accidents and incidents reporting systems are in place 

  • Put absence and ill health monitoring systems into operation 

  • Conduct scheduled maintenance of equipment 

  • Carry out regular risk assessments and re-assess when changes are introduced at the workplace

  • run comprehensive health and safety training programs 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment or PPE is defined as all equipment, including clothing affording protection against the weather, which is intended to be worn or held by a person at work and which protects him/her against one or more risks to his / her health and safety.

According to health and safety regulations PPE is to be supplied and used at work whenever there are risks to health and safety that cannot be adequately controlled in any other way. Earth Waste Management require its commercial cleaning staff to put on gloves when cleaning toilets and other areas that considered high risk to health.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Process

Earth Waste Management conducts regular and continuous Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) audit to ensure that our commercial cleaning is carried out safely and with the highest level of quality. Our on-site and Off-site Managers and inspectors normally perform the Quality Assurance Audit and Inspections . Quality Assurance also reduce risks , promote health and safety , and business growth.

  • Regular inspection of facility and commercial cleaning equipment can help prevent workplace accident and increase productivity 

  • Feedback from commercial cleaning teams will help ensure availability of Cleaning chemicals, equipment, and safety manual

  • Incorporating corrective and preventive actions into our commercial cleaning systems has positive impacts in the long term

  • At Earth Waste Management we take customer complaints seriously ; once we receive a complaint either about our commercial cleaning performance or about an employee conduct, we review it with close attention and ensure the complainer is satisfied .

  • We conduct periodic customer review meetings to discuss our performance and get feedback from the customer.

Reporting Procedure 

Reporting Procedure

Every night our on-site supervisors collect daily commercial cleaning services reports from all clients locations  in Alberta. The reports include information such as the time the cleaning started and finished, name of the employee and supervisor, Date, and where there was an issue . All reports  then get uploaded to our customers' online portal. 

We understand you are busy and don't have time for phone calls so we developed this online portal which is accessible to you for 24/7 . Login at your convenient time and view daily reports, issues and solutions, invoices and also order new services or file a complaint. 

Sales Process

Sales Process

  1. Once you request a commercial cleaning quote, our business development manager will contact you to meet with you at your convenience. The purpose of meeting is to get a comprehensive picture of your commercial cleaning requirements and needs.

  2. we will tailor a cleaning plan that will meet the specific needs of your business and requirements 

  3. if you are happy to proceed with the plan, we will assign a dedicated commercial cleaning site supervisor who monitor the cleaning process and ensure that your building receive the highest level of cleanliness. 

  4. we have 24/7 customer support service available to you at no additional cost .

How Our commercial cleaning service works:

24/7 Customer Support Services

24/7 help desk

We are good listeners and our customer needs is our top priority. Our customer support services was designed to support our commercial cleaning clients and the well being of our employees working at your site. 

Earth Waste Management offers 24/7 customer support services to all commercial cleaning clients . 

Would you like to visit us ? 

Our office address is below:

Suite 309, 840 - 6th Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta,T2P 2T3

Telephone: (587) 707-4333

Fax:            (587) 799-0905


commercial cleaning services
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